May 13, 2013

My thoughts for you - Day 8

I'm playing catch up on the Blog Every Day in May Challenge . I believe I missed days 8,9,11, and 12 so excuse the post overload for the next few days!

Wednesday's topic was a piece of advice you have for others. I'm not much for giving advice, just my experiences, because I'm no expert on the things that happen in my life! I'm also pretty young so I know I haven't experienced enough things to give sound advice anyway.

The one chunk of advice I was given and I want to pass onto you is just enjoy the moment!

It's so easy to look into the future for all the things we're excited for. Vacations, birthdays, holidays, the list could go on and on! We hope and wish for the time to pass because we want these happy times. It's also very easy to look fondly on the past. To remember the times we miss and wish that we could go back to those times once more.

We often forget about the present. We get stuck in our day to day rut and forget how beautiful life truly is! Just times when we are the busiest is the perfect time to just stop and smell the roses. Look outside and see the beauty of nature. Take a few minutes to think about the truly happy things in your life and realize how lucky you are!

This is something I tend to struggle with from time to time because I'm so ready for the next step in my life. I'm a little out of place from my peers because I'm married! I'm ready to be done with college so I can have a job. I want to have my own home. I can't wait to be a mom! All of these things I wish were happening now.

Then I stop to remember I'm a newlywed! I'm only twenty! I have few responsibilities and commitments in my life! I can still do some fairly stupid things and learn from my mistakes! I've always felt older than I am so I've been working on remembering that I'm still young and should be enjoying all these things. I have great health and so does a majority of my friends and family! These are all things to celebrate and relish instead of hoping for the future!

Friends, please take time to remember the little things that you should celebrate in your lives! Life really is short and we waste a lot of our time just wanting what we don't have in the present. When you feel like things are overwhelming, just remember these things!
My current little moment -- playing with 5 little baby kittens at my mom and dad's house!



  1. Though I am 10 years down the road from you. I totally get where you are at and what you are saying. I still have to catch myself from thinking about when my house will be full of bigger children and I will be done with sleepless nights from my babies. However, you are so right that I need to enjoy the right now. The kids that God blessed me with so far are really wonderful and I need to try to see them as the blessings they are even in the hard bits that I don't enjoy. Thank-you for this!

  2. Such a good post girl... it's SO easy to forget that we need to just be content with the here and now. I find myself wanting to 'fast forward' life a few years, but when I stop to think about it... I remember that this is a time in my life to be enjoyed, no matter the circumstances!

  3. Oh my heck, I didn't notice your blog change until Jaz posted about it!!! Did this just happen today?! Girl, it is so cute!!! I love it so much!!! :)


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