May 30, 2013

May Cara Box

 Hello friends!

I had intentions of talking about this yesterday but it was my first day back to work and when I got home the internet went out during all the intense weather so it just didn't get posted. Here's to two posts in one day!

I love the Cara Box exchange! This is my fifth time participating and like always, it didn't disappoint! I'm sad to say that because of things I'm preparing for over the Summer, I'm going to take a few months off from the exchange. I love getting to know new people every month so I will be sure to join up again once school starts!

On to the boxes! I sent a box to Kiera at Contranaut Girl so head over to see what I sent her! In all the craziness of finals and moving out, it was a struggle to communicate this month. I'm so glad I was partnered with forgiving ladies! Miss Sarah from To Be Mrs. Collier sent a box to me all the way from Tennessee! I loved the box! :) I don't really make it a secret around here that I love the South (even though I've never really been there) so getting a little bit of Nashville was pretty awesome.

I loved the colorful paper everything was wrapped in! There was a very sweet note included from Sarah as well as Goo Goo clusters, a mint chapstick from Thistle Farms (local shop), pure honey, a key chain, a Rachel Solomon cd, and a mason jar from Antique Archaeology. The Goo Goo clusters were absolutely amazing! I love the chapstick and I'm pretty happy that it supports a local business. I've recently become obsessed with adding honey to everything so I had a huge smile when I saw this. The pink key chain was super sweet, I'll be adding that to my car keys. I've never heard of Rachel Solomon so I can't wait to check out her cd! I think out of everything included, the mason jar was my favorite. I'm also majorly obsessed with these so adding another one to my collection makes me happy! The even cooler part is the store it came from, Antique Archaeology, is actually based out of Iowa and just recently opened a store in Nashville. Fun fact for the day!

Thanks again Kiera and Sarah for being awesome partners this month! I can't wait to get back to the Cara Box exchange in a few months!



  1. I need to find where I can get Goo Goo Clusters. I only have had them in an ice cream flavor and it's the one ice cream that I crave and that tempts me!


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