May 23, 2013

In the Storm

Hello friends,

I'm not sure what to write about. I've been out of the blogging game for a little while now and I most definitely failed at the Blog Every Day in May challenge. My days have been filled with procrastination, trying to unpack an entire apartment into my childhood bedroom, and watching movies. I have tried to get something solid accomplished and it just hasn't happened. Most of all, I haven't payed any attention to blogging. I haven't read blogs or posted on my own in what feels like forever.

I've got a case of the Summer's.

One thing that I've really been trying to do since we've been home is take pictures. I've tried to take a photo or two every day since we've been here. It gives me practice and I can document parts of my day! One thing I've had the chance to photograph quite a bit over the last week is all the storms.

It's been pretty stormy all over the Midwest (I can't even fathom being in Oklahoma right now). Growing up in Tornado Alley has made me a lot less apprehensive of storms. I actually love to see it storm, I get excited when I hear there is severe weather. It's such a common sight that I find incredibly beautiful. There is always that danger involved but it's mesmerizing.

Driving home from town last night in the middle of all the storm clouds we saw something especially beautiful. You know when you picture an angel with sunbeams sort of coming out from all directions? It looked just like that. All of a sudden I had the perfect reminder that amid all the bad things we see, God shows us beauty!

One of the photos I took the other night..
Try to see the beauty in life friends, it's all around us.



  1. Ah, beautiful lightening!!! I LOVE storms like that!!! and I really love your new look/new blog, it's great!!!!!


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