May 28, 2013

Extra Long Relaxation

I spent my night hanging out with two of my little cousins. Bubbles, books, bunnies, and a walk were on the agenda. I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I went home. 

I ran my butt off all day getting everything ready for the surprise party I threw for M. He thought I was shopping all day, he was surprised when I didn't buy anything! I took him out to our favorite Mexican restaurant and we both ate way too much. It was finally time to head out for the party! He was definitely surprised and he had a good time ringing in his 21st birthday!

We spent sleeping in and recooperating for the most part. Then we headed to a graduation party for a girl who's basically family. Spent a few hours talking to cousins, aunts, and Grandma before heading home. Birthday boy had a relaxed day!

We visited two of my favorite soldiers. We put flowers on their graves and I got to hear stories about some other family members. We were admiring the beauty of some of the older grave stones. We found one family that lost two kids within 2 months of each other (at 16 and 20) and a baby a few years before that. So crazy to think that in the early 1900's, it wasn't uncommon to lose multiple kids to sickness. Made me thankful to live in a time where there is medication to treat a lot of things!



  1. I'm so glad that the party went well!! :)

  2. Those cake pics are so fun! So glad you were able to surprise him :)


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