May 3, 2013

Err..umm..I'ma...uncomfortable - Day 3

I may not always have the telltale red face but the instant lack of eye contact will let you know that I'm uncomfortable! I'll probably be biting my lip, awkwardly giggling and shifting around trying to get away from the source. Now I'm about to provide everyone with a fool proof list of ways to make me feel awkward. You're welcome.

Things That Make Me Shudder
1. Having all eyes on me - if I have to be the center of attention and I know everyone is staring at me, I will immediately go into mental freakout mode and feel super awkward.

At my bridal shower, I had to answer questions about M in front of everyone. I had no idea I was going to do this until they sat me down. Thankfully I knew 95% of the answers (even his guesses) but that didn't stop me from feeling uncomfortable.
2. When I can hear people eating - this grosses a lot of people out but I get uncomfortable to the point of irritation when I can hear people chewing. If someone is eating next to me in class you can guarantee I will be giving them the death glare and clearing my throat until they stop.

3. When I get put in a group of people I've never met and we have to talk about sensitive subjects - I had to take a human sexuality class last semester where we had to discuss quite personal topics with classmates. Not my idea of an easy day in class!

4. Over the top PDA - I'm perfectly fine with a little PDA, hand holding or a little kiss here and there is not a problem. If you look like you need to take it to the bedroom, PLEASE, take it to the bedroom because that is not for the public! Especially when you're around couples who are newly formed. I understand every couple went through the "can't keep your hands off each other" stage but I guarantee you're making everyone around you uncomfortable. Please stop!

5. Fighting - if we're hanging out with friends and two of them start fighting, instant uncomfortability.
Am I in a fight with you? I will struggle far more than it probably shows on my face to look you in the eye. Just knowing that I'm in a fight with someone causes me to be awkward and nervous until it's over.

6. Staring or being watched - If you're staring at me I will immediately assume that I'm doing something wrong. Is there something on my face? Is my butt hanging out? Did I do something wrong and not even realize it? I become extremely paranoid and I probably don't even need to be. Part of my job is being observed by students while I'm working with kids. I always know when someone is there but if I act like they aren't then I'm fine. As soon as I realize they're watching (especially large groups of people) I start fumbling around and I'm nervous as all get out.

When I do things like this and I don't even remember them until photos pop up. I'm sure everyone was staring at me then!
7. Getting a gift/food that I don't like - it's the dance of do I tell them and most likely offend them or do I just suck it up? If it's a gift, I will just suck it up. If it's food, depending on my comfortability with the person, level of hatred for the food, and hunger, I may tell them or I may not. No one likes to be that ungrateful person!

8. Watching other people be uncomfortable - I don't even have to know the person but if they're in an awkward position you can bet I will feel just as uncomfortable. I don't know why I do this but it gets ridiculous at times!

9. Talking on the phone - I hate talking on the phone in front of people. I will almost always go into another room. I especially hate calling people on the phone as many of my friends and husband have dealt with. Ordering pizza? I'd rather not eat if it means I have to call. Making an appointment? I will put it off until I absolutely have to call and when I do call I'm extremely awkward. If it involves calling a stranger I won't do it unless absolutely forced to.

And now I'm feeling uncomfortable because I'm about to put all of this out there! At least I'm not alone.



  1. I think may will be my favorite month ever if you keep bogging this frequently!

  2. PDA's! Can't believe I didn't think to add that to my list!

  3. I'm right there with ya girl... I was mortified half the time at my bridal showers. Being put on the spot, having to dress up in funny TP gowns, answer questions, open lingerie in front of my in-law's haha, UGH!

  4. Talking on the phone -oh gosh, I'm the same! If I'd have to call and order food, then yeah, I think I'd starve. I hate phones. I'm ok with talking to friends on the phone, but anyone else... No.

  5. One of my biggest pet peeves is being able to hear people eat!! Ahhhh! Drives me crazy! Also, like you, I'm definitely not a fan of all eyes being on me (which is kinda funny considering we have blogs :p)

    Found you through Jenni's linkup! Cute blog :)

  6. I'm definitely with you on the talking on the phone thing. I do it because I have to, but oh my goodness is it painful. I always feel like I am going to say the wrong thing and make a fool of myself.

  7. I love number 7! (I took forever to read this post for some reason) I am the exact same way!


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