May 31, 2013

Cardstore Genius! {Review}

*I received this product in return for my honest opinion, no other compensation was given. All opinions stated are 100% my own.*

Guys, I have just discovered the best thing ever!

It's graduation time and wedding season is upon us. Do you know what that means? Dragging your butt to the card aisle to pick out some cheesy piece of cardstock paper that is way overpriced. Well, think again!

Cardstore contacted me about ordering a personalized card and being the snail mail fanatic that I am, I gladly accepted! I headed over to their website and easily navigated through the search bar. I wasn't sure what kind of card I was looking for so I just selected all occasions and started browsing. First thing I noticed, these cards are not pricey at all!

I started scrolling through the cards, picking one out only to find another I liked even better. Finally I stopped myself and chose one (it wasn't easy). Although I can't name the lucky recipient of this card, I'm sure you can figure it out! 

Want to know the best part about these cards? You can personalize them so your card will actually get noticed!

You can add your own words or photos as well as change the font, color, alignment of text, and size! I thought the original card was pretty cute but I loved that I could add my own words and make it that much better!

Once you're finished, you get one last chance to preview your whole card. Spell checking is a must!

Lastly, you can choose to either have it shipped to yourself or directly to the person of your choosing. Shipping is FREE! I repeat, shipping is free my friends! This means you can order all of your cards ahead of time and still hand deliver them if you'd like!

From now on, I'll be ordering all of my cards through Cardstore because it is ridiculously easy! I really hope you'll stop by and check it out. There are tons of promotional codes going on right now so head over quickly and see why I'm so excited!



  1. YAY! Cardstore is awesome! I just got to review one for them too and I was super happy with how it turned out-- very high quality cards! :)

  2. Your card is cute! ;) I love it!

  3. Thanks for the tip, I didn't know about this site! Such cute cards, I decided to send one to my fiance. Unfortunately they don't accept my card, so I'll have to wait to ask my mum to help me with her credit card haha.


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