May 2, 2013

April Cara Box!

I'm pretty late on this post but I'm excited to share my Cara Box from this month!

I was matched up with Amy from Not Your Average Crazy and Amberly from Life With Amberly & Joe this month for a "green" or eco-friendly theme for Earth Day. Life sort of got in the way this month so I had a hard time keeping up communication with these girls. The little bit of conversation I had with Amberly made us realize we basically the same person! You can head over here to see what I gave her!

Amy gave me a reusable shopping bag with a really cute nature pattern (I love reusable shopping bags!), Burt's Bees chapstick (I've never tried so I was excited for this one), green tea peel off mask that I'll be using to relax after finals, pretty lavender nail polish that's perfect for spring, and a dog treat for Gage! I only got one picture with the dog treat because Gage stole it and ran off.

Once again, I wasn't disappointed in my Cara Box swap! If you've never participated you should really consider it, especially if you love making a new friend and getting a package in the mail! Thank you Amberly and Amy for being great partners!



  1. Oooo, you got some fun things!!!! I love little face masks like that!!!

  2. Glad you liked everything!


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