Apr 24, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: It's all in the Details

The details are one of my favorite things to think about from our wedding. These photos speak for themselves so I will let them do the talking..

Pillow was custom ordered on Etsy, my grandma Phylliss made all of the garters by hand.

Something old (Grandma Mary's crystal rosary from her wedding just over 50 years ago) and something borrowed (a ring that my dad gave my mom)

Something old, something borrowed, something blue 
My something old and something blue were the two most sentimental details I had at our wedding. My grandpa passed away just short of a year before our wedding so I wanted to honor him because he meant the world to me. I asked for one of his old blue shirts and I removed the cuffs. We used those to bundle my flowers together. I couldn't imagine having walked down the aisle without a part of him there with me. My grandma let me borrow the crystal rosary she used at her wedding and I considered that the biggest piece of good luck I could have had with me. They were together for 50 years before he passed and they sure had been through a lot in that time.

My Grandma Mary also handmade this small purse for me to use on the big day. It was the perfect size to hold kleenexes, my phone, and a few other small things I needed. I did lose my phone for about 3 hours that day because I had forgotten that I put them in here.

Flower girl dress also custom ordered from Etsy

My favorite last minute purchase, this was our "emergency" bag the day of and provided us with plenty of snacks and anything else we could have needed.



  1. Love! Everything is so pretty and happy! I'm placing some of these great ideas in my brain for my day, love it all!

  2. Where is your BRIDE tote from? LOVE IT!

  3. All such wonderful ideas!! Thanks :)
    Ps: I pinned those amazing mason jars with the place-settings, love them!

    -- Mary


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