Apr 15, 2013

Stuffing Face and A Puppy: Weekend Update

My weekend was actually quite entertaining for once! Friday night was spent sending way too many weird snapchats and I got a solid ab workout because of it. Also, my dog is a badass because he rocked that mustache like no other dog could. 

Saturday was a day of snuggles and cleaning. Poor Gage wasn't feeling well so we snuggled on the couch and watched movies most of the morning. Then I remembered we were having friends over for supper so the frantic cleaning frenzy commenced. We finally accomplished the daunting task of cleaning our back room out. It's now an office room and will be a guest bedroom this next weekend for our Veishea visitors.

We celebrated a little hard and I was exhausted by 11:30 pm. Rough life for an old couple newlyweds in college. I knew we'd be getting up for church the next morning so I passed out the second I closed my eyes.

Sunday I got to witness a truly beautiful thing. One of my best friends was getting baptized. It was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. She had to stand in front of the whole church (this church is gigantic, it's like a stadium) and profess her faith. Then she was dunked (not sure if that's the right word to use) and she was baptized! She was one of fourteen who were baptized that day. Truly special for me to see!

After we came back and made an amazing breakfast. Eggs, two kinds of pancakes (banana nut for the win), turkey bacon, and fruit salad. 

It rained most of the day so once again we decided to be lazy. We watched movies and I accomplished the laundry and dishes. While scrolling through Netflix we decided it was time to give in and watch the Hunger Games as neither of us ever had before. After having watched it, I'm really not sure why we didn't sooner. It was a really good movie and I'm so excited for Catching Fire to come out! Also, peanut butter/chocolate jif and almonds was the perfect snack for a chill day.

Today I woke up after having gotten about 2 hours of sleep, damn you insomnia, and I knew it just wasn't going to be my day. After running to catch not one but two buses to work this morning, we ended up taking the bike. Thanks Cyride Blue route, you officially suck at following the bus schedule. As much as I love our rocket, a 35 degree windy morning was not my choice of times to ride it. Nothing like wind in your hair freezing air slapping you in the face to wake you up in the morning!

In other news, it's Veishea week around these parts so I'm hoping to have plenty of fun stories to tell this week. I've already noticed several pictures of beer cans in class and it's only the first day, I have high hopes for this week! Because I work most of the week and it would be super dangerous for me to fully participate all day long, my Veishea festivities will be contained to night and weekend celebrating. Can't wait for 5:30 Friday so I can see all my friends and we can get our weekend started!



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