Apr 25, 2013

Our Future Dwelling Place

Going to college makes it pretty hard to have a permanent living situation that you can decorate. Living in the dorms last year meant nothing could be attached to the walls unless you used tape or sticky tack. Pretty hard to hold things up with just those! Thankfully we could use Command strips but even those don't hold up everything. This year we moved into an apartment where it was a little easier to hang things up. We can hang things however we want but like any rental place either you fix it or you pay for it when you move out. As we start packing things to move back home for the Summer, I'm picturing all of the things I want to hang up next year. Now that I know we'll be living here for the rest of our time spent at college, I'm willing to put a greater effort into decorating. 

I want to talk about my hopes for our future home, whether we buy a home or build one. I think everyone dreams about what they want their house to look like. Although that dream may change over the years or with each addition to the family, it's still important to think about. Now that I'm married, the thought of buying a house has become very real. Though I would love to head out to Ikea or Pier 1 (clearly I don't buy things to decorate with, those were the only ones I could think of) and buy half the store to decorate, it's just not feasible. I love to DIY so I can only imagine I have many hours of home improvement ahead of me. I want to find ideas I love and discover a way to do it myself with the help of M. Anything that can be re-purposed or is old, I want it in my house!

Some color schemes I really love are reds with brown, shades of blue, yellows, purples, or anything involving pink as long as it's not overpowering. You should know by now that I love me some pink but when it's a choice I'll have to live with (and my family) I think subtlety with girly colors is best.

color escape

parrot brights

All color schemes via Design Seeds
This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of plans for our future home. We have no idea when we're going to have our own place so until then I will just plan in my head. In the future I have hopes to talk about how I plan to decorate our apartment in a short term situation. Decorating in rentals is never an easy task but I plan on tackling that next year and if you're reading then I guess you'll be along for the ride!


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  1. Planning is so fun huh?! I LOVE all of your color schemes, but why wouldn't I? We're so alike hahaha. I have Pinterest boards dedicated to my future kitchen/bedroom/music room haha, I'm pathetic!


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