Apr 15, 2013

Magic Kingdom & Thoughts on Walt Disney

Our first full day in Disney we decided to go to Magic Kingdom. We went on a lot of rides, some that we were expecting to suck were pretty awesome and some of them were just sort of blah. We even had a ride break down while we were on it. I was pretty disappointed that we didn't see very many characters while we were there, ya know because I'm five. We had to laugh as we realized how twisted some of the things dear old Walt made for kiddos. We went to some show (I don't remember what it was called) but they were singing about blood and downing wine. Classy Mr. Walt, I like your style. Overall it was a pretty awesome day.  My two favorite parts of the day were when we just sat down for about 45 minutes waiting for our fast pass time, people watching and when we got to see the projection show on the castle without even knowing it was going to happen.

Our cabin that we stayed in

Tennis shoes with shorts...I cringe when I see this but my feet sure thanked me later!

These guys were awesome! It was blazing hot that day and they were still cheery even with all of that stuff on.
This picture took about 10 minutes. People literally don't care that you're taking pictures, they'll just stand directly in front of you. Especially if they're bitchy teenage girls.

Between the projection on the castle, the fireworks, and the water parade, I had so many awesome pictures! It is so hard just to pick a few because I took a ridiculous amount over the whole trip.

We made it back at about 11:30 and I was eager to get in bed because we were off on a safari early the next morning!



  1. SO FUN!!!! I want to go back to Disneyworld SOOO badly!!! It's been three years, it's time right?

  2. Love this post SO MUCH! We are prepping for our disney trip right now!! I cracked up at your comment about tennis shoes and shorts- I will be doing the same thing bc I know my feet would hate me if I didn't!!

  3. Am I missing posts that I'm not seeing the rest of your trip? :)


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