Apr 4, 2013

Hair Renovation 2013

Hello friends! 

Although it may appear that I have fallen off the face of the Earth, I am still alive. Apparently Spring Break kicked my butt a little more than I realized and I'm still recovering. Let's just say our apartment is a mess and all I want to do is sleep.

I've been working on editing vacation pictures to share with y'all and I'll be writing the posts soon. I know I said I'd post them right away but clearly I'm a little liar. Sorry 'bout it! Although I'm sure some of you haven't even noticed that I was gone and could care less about my vacation. That's fine, too! For those who'd like to hear, I want to share everything but I don't want to bore you. It's a fine line you gotta walk!

While I'm working on that, I wanted to post about something that I'm very excited about! Back in September after we got hitched, I decided to promptly chop off my hair. Except I couldn't get into my salon while I was back home. As most girls know, when trusting your hair to someone it's best to stay with someone you know. Being my impatient self, I decided to find somewhere back at school. Did a little research and a few days later headed out to do something I was honestly scared to do.

Let me just say, I was attached to my hair. I felt like my hair was the one thing that made me feel really good about myself. I spent years growing it out really long. To me, long hair was the epitome of what a college girl should look like. Who knows where this came from.

I wanted to cut it for a good cause and I was determined to get it done. I wrote about donating to Locks of Love for the second time back in December. I got this haircut and although I loved the new look, I wasn't quite sure it was the right style:
This girl is gorgeous and I could never pull off the a-line haircut like she does
So I started the growing process while embracing my new look. I was proud of myself for donating a second time and for letting go of my little beauty security blanket. Fast forward 3 months and I was finally satisfied with my look. It grew on me but I wanted to try a different style because who knows if I'll ever chop it again. Let's just say I came out of that hair cut wishing I had never scheduled it. I picked a hair cut that was not flattering on me and my hair did not cooperate. In short, it looked sort of like a mullet if I let it air dry after a shower. I love the pretty lady who cut my hair and it's in no way her fault that I chose a bad style.

Jump another 3 months and my hair finally reaches my shoulders. Although it doesn't really have much of a style any more, it's easy to let it air dry and still be happy with it. Plus, I can finally use my double barrel curling iron because all the layers give it an awesome shape. 

So, six and a half months out from the hair chopocalypse you get this:

I take Biotin daily and although I take it for my hair, it's sure helped my nails a ton! I try to always let my hair air dry and I use my straightener and curling iron minimally.

Now, since my birthday was Friday, M let me choose a birthday present for myself. So, I chose something that I've wanted back for awhile. 

Enter extensions.

Now before you go and call me ratchet or something crazy, I think they look really natural. Especially when you compare them to what my hair used to look like:

Pre-hair chopocalypse
I also got a slight trim to blend my hair into the extensions. Although I wasn't quite pleased with the hair cut, the color I chose is something I'm in love with. I don't remember the name but it's a purple/red/brown mix and every time I walk into the sunlight I get a little more happy about the decision.

Now I have the best of both worlds while I'm growing my hair back out. Only about 3 more years until I get back to where I was! I am much happier when I have long hair but I'm happy I made the leap of faith to cut it off. Now someone else benefits from my hair and I can learn to stop being so attached to a physical attribute.

Have you ever chopped your hair? If you've ever donated to Locks of Love, I'd love to hear your story!


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  1. I think they look great! Most natural ones I've seen, that's for sure.


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