Apr 26, 2013

Friday's Favorite Photos

Here are some of my favorite Instagram photos to give you a little smile on this fabulous Friday!

First photo of our little nugget. I can still remember exactly how I felt when we got him! I can't believe how big he's gotten in the last 7 months. Our bond has grown so much and I can't imagine our lives without him now. He teaches me exactly what unconditional love is all about!

Our first big thing together as newlyweds. I felt so happy because not only did he just do a 5k with me but then proceeded to put me on his shoulders so I could see the stage at the after party.

My girls. Don't know where I'd be without them, they're pretty special to me! Each one plays a different role in my life and I think about them every day. (Love you girls!)

My two favorite kiddos, hands down. These two melt my heart every time I get to see them! They're the little brother and sister I never had. Ready to be home so I can see them again!

Besides my wedding ring and necklace, these are my two favorite pieces of jewelry. They remind me of my faith daily and encourage me to be a Godly woman and wife. They were given to me by an amazing lady who I hold dear to my heart.

Example of why I love my job. On a day that I had to take a test I was nervous for, I saw my little friends. Got to my seat for my test and found a little reminder from them. I felt like I had all the luck I needed to pass!
Vacation was a reminder that we are still newlyweds! It was so much fun to have people make a big deal about it at Disney. We spent our time away just enjoying each other's company and remembering why we need to do that more often!

Re-enacting our engagement during Veishea. Looking back, I wish I would have listened to M when he asked if I wanted to put on nicer clothes that night. Our pictures would have looked a little more like this and a little less like we just rolled out of bed. Live and learn, I'm still happy that it happened!

Happy Friday friends, have a great weekend!

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