Apr 11, 2013

First Flight and Epcot

I'm finally posting it.

The recap of our Spring Break vacation that was almost 5 weeks ago (crying a few tears over that) but I'm just now talking about it. I know, I'm a horrible blogger. At least I have pictures, right?

Trying not to overwhelm y'all with the pictures so I'll keep them to a minimum.

Our flight flew out at 7 am so we made it to the airport at about 5:15 am. I'm not a morning person so clearly I looked like a hot mess. It was my first flight ever so I didn't know what to expect. I made it through TSA with only a minor mishap. I forgot to take off my watch. My husband, however, had a much bigger problem. He forgot to take out his laptop. They sent it back through and something still didn't look right so they sort of freaked out. His bag got searched and after about 10 minutes they found the problem. A frozen container of food that he had forgotten was in his bag. We finally made it through and hung out til we could get on the plane.
Not so great photo but you get the idea.
After we board the plane and everything is ready we all start talking. I was mid sentence when the plane started to take off so I just kept talking. M instantly whipped around to judge my reaction during takeoff and I was not about to give him the satisfaction of a freakout! To be honest, I didn't mind it at all. I actually really liked flying! Especially when I got the window seat and I sat in awe practically the whole flight. I took way too many pictures of the clouds/sky but I'll spare you and just show one. We had the most precious little boy sitting in front of us who also provided entertainment. He was babbling, giggling, and smiling the whole trip. 

Landing basically scared the bejeezus out of me. Especially when we were really low and angled down toward the houses. It was a pretty rough landing but at that point I was so excited to be in Florida that I didn't care. It was about 65 degrees when we landed which was a drastic change from the 28 degrees we left behind in Minnesota. I changed into shorts and we headed out for Disney. We all had to laugh as the airport workers were dressed in coats and pants while we were all in shorts.

Teeny tiny lizards that were everywhere
 After finally making it to our cabin, we came up with a game plan. We originally wanted to head to the Animal Kingdom but our ride to the cabin said we'd be much happier if we went early in the morning. So we headed to Epcot for the night. This was the only park that I really wish we could have gone back to. Needless to say, we will be going back there some day and I will spend a lot more time there! 

The family we went on the trip with - Thank you so much!
I snatched up those pink sequined ears as soon as I could find a pair!

I was just so happy to be there, I had probably the same amount of joy as the little kids running around. We explored quite a bit and then made our way to find decent seats for the fireworks. Once the fireworks started I pretty must lost it. For one, I love fireworks and the beauty of them makes me cry almost every time. Combine that with me being a child at heart in Disney and it's no wonder why I cried. I was seeing everything the way a child would. I realized how amazing and magical it really was!

I took a ridiculous amount of firework pictures but I was so happy that most of them turned out!

We headed back to our cabin exhausted and set our alarms for 6:30 am. Nothing like getting up early on vacation..



  1. Sounds like a great trip! I can't wait to take my girls to Disney. I've never been either and we live quite a bit closer than you.

  2. Hi there Mandy! I clicked over because I saw mouse ears on a button on someone's blog and I love to connect with fellow Disney enthusiasts! :) Nice to meet you! I've never seen the fireworks from epcot before!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time :) I love Disney!! I agree with you, I wish I would've spent more time at Epcot! Next time..

    Ps: I HATE the landing part too =X

  4. i also cried with the fireworks. and when i saw the castle. sadly i didn't get to go to epcot but i want to go back one day. well...soonish. my first time on a plane was also on the way to disney! love your pink ears!


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