Mar 18, 2013

Spring Break Takeover: Southern Alexa

Hey there friends!

I'm currently galavanting around Disney for Spring Break! The last few days have been pretty packed and let me just say I'm exhausted. We're leaving for Ft. Myers on Tuesday so the rest of the trip will be a little more relaxed. I'm going to be so busy this week, stopping in from time to time. I wanted to keep y'all entertained so who better than the beautiful Miss Alexa! 
Hi, Through the Newlywed Lens readers! I'm Alexa, the blogger behind Southern Living, Our Way, a lifestyle blog about, you guessed it, my little Southern life! I'm a North Carolina newlywed obsessed with my husband {Glenn, or Glenn Coco as he's more often called... since Mean Girls is naturally the best movie ever}, a dog mom obsessed with my dog, and a Southerner obsessed with the South. 
Yep, I think that about covers it  :)
And wine. I'm also obsessed with wine.
While Mandy is even further down south enjoying some nice warm weather for Spring Break, she asked me to step in for the day and share with y'all my proposal story. I mean, I can't imagine anything more perfect for a Newlywed blog, can you? And here's the best part ~ my husband and I actually got engaged on one of our  college spring breaks, exactly three years ago last week! So, I present to you, the dirty deats about the second best day of my life! {The first was our wedding day, of course. All this proposin' and engagin' and bling-blingin' had to lead to somethin'!} 
This story is taken mostly from my You+Me=We page on my blog.
March 10, 2010
 Glenn and I were vacationing at Disney World for our Spring Break and my parents and brother joined us for a few of the days mid-week. Though at this point Glenn had already asked their permission to propose {we're Southern, after all!} back in November 2009, they had no idea this trip is when the proposal would take place. However, Glenn had this little plan up his sleeve all along, and my diamond ring was even in our hotel room with me for three whole days before it was on my finger! 
Midway through our trip, the five of us spent the day at Magic Kingdom park. At one point Dad says, "Before we leave today, I want to make sure we get some family pictures in front of Cinderella's castle." A little odd, but it's never too early for the family Christmas card photo, I guess? Turns out this was a total ploy ~ Glenn had told Dad the night before that Wednesday is when he'd be doing the down-on-one-knee dance. We made our way to the castle, Glenn took some pictures of my family of four, mom took pictures of me and my brother, and then she took a few of me with my sexy {then}boyfriend. 
After what seemed like a dozen of the same picture, I said kweredonethatsenough and walked toward mom to grab my camera. But Glenn insisted, "Wait, just one more!" As mom was about to snap that last picture, Glenn got down on one knee and held out the diamond ring I'd drooled over in the jewelry store back in October! In front of my family. And thousands of Disney park guests. BAM, tears. I bawled and took five minutes to say "Yes" {No really, Glenn had to ask me again.} but just like that we were engaged! Most magical place on Earth, indeed. Go Walt, youda man.
May 12, 2012. Fun fact: On our wedding day, we'd been engaged for 2 years, 2 months, and 2 days!
Thank y'all so much for reading this story that's the dearest to my heart. Now, wontcha come hang out with me over at my blog?

Hope you head over to read a little more of her wonderful space! She cracks me up on the daily so it's well worth your time. I'll be blogging more later in the week, hope to let you in on more then!


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