Mar 19, 2013

Spring Break Takeover: My Big, Lauren

Good morning all!
I hope you enjoyed having Alexa here yesterday! Today I have my Big from the Bigs & Littles blogging system. I've loved getting to know her and watch her blog grow.


Thanks to Mandy for having me! While she is off enjoying her spring break, she asked my to come wreak havoc talk to you guys about all the problems I have. Haha, this sounds like a happy go lucky post, no?! Stay with me!

I am newly married (just like Mandy) to my high school sweetheart. I love him, but I definitely had some issues learning to live with a boy...

I haven't been blogging long, but I am already in love with it, but I have a problem with no-reply bloggers. It is 2013. I can see in your window on Google Maps and someone is always watching your internet moves. If you are fearless enough to have a blog, give me your email address!

I really am not a hot blogger. But I enjoy blogging!

I have really big boobs. And yes this is a problem!

I can't keep my pants on in a public place (sans alcohol too!)

Hi my name is Lauren (hi Lauren) and I am addicted to chocolate, fantasy football, and eating.

Okay fine, Mandy didn't tell me to be a problem child. I guess I will start behaving?!
I am just jealous that Mandy is taking M on her trip and not me. Next time Mandy! Next time!
Gage agrees with me!

Don't forget to bring us back something!

xoxo, Lauren

Wanna hear more about my problems? Come say hello!


Thanks for stopping by Lauren! I'm enjoying my last day a Disney before we hop in the car and head to Wellington this afternoon. Hope you're having a happy Tuesday!


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