Mar 20, 2013

Spring Break Takeover: Beautiful Ashley

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

It's a glorious day here in Florida, we're heading off to the beach in a little bit. Sun, sand, and playing in the water, what could be better? Meanwhile back home there is a blizzard. Sorry Iowa friends, I don't feel bad because I know I'll be back there soon. Just enjoying the warm while I can!

Today my beautiful teacher friend Ashley came to hang out! Hope you'll hang around to see  what she has to say :)
Hello friends of Mandy's! I'm Ashley and I blog over at It Is What You Make, ramble....same thing. While Mandy is enjoying her trip to Florida, I figured I would try and entertain you with some travels of my own. Traveling has been a part of my life since an early age. My parents wanted us to experience they things that they got to experience growing up. Ill never forget our first big trip. We flew from Houston to San Antonio and stayed the weekend. It was seriously something that ill never forget.

Moving on.... I'm going to talk with you guys about California. While Mandy is at Dinseyworld in Florida, I'm going to share my Disneyland trip. No matter how old you are, either of the Disney parks are just fun. It's like taking a step back into your childhood. 
My sister and I with my very favorite character ever
My aunt and cousin are California babes. They have moved all over the US but been in Cali for a while now. While I was in college my mom flew me, my sister, brother and herself out there for Thanksgiving break. They were living in the San Francisco at the time but we wanted to go to LA so my mom and brother flew in a few days before and then my sister and I flew into LA to go to Disney land in LA.
obligatory Minnie Mouse ears...and Dave with a sword...

We seriously had the best time. We stayed right next to the park and visited it the night we got there and again the next day. Sometimes pictures are better than words so here ya go friends.
Guess we weren't suppose to be on there...

The best tree houses ever

Such a beautiful park

ohhh this stomach will remember it forever

Before the swings of terror

And after

And this is what we thought was cute back in 08...yikes. 

I know there are so many more pictures, but for some reason...ok because I have major OCD I can't find my cd with all the pictures....I may have to reshare this with yall once it decides to show itself again. 

Hope y'all have a great week!! 

See, she had a great story to tell! Stick around to see who's here tomorrow :) We're headed out the door now, enjoy the rest of your day friends.


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