Mar 5, 2013

So, you got the bling.. Planning Pt. 1

Now that you've got that sparkly thing on your finger, what do you do?

Well, if you're pretty much every girl you run around shouting it to the world. I'm pretty sure I showed random strangers my ring on the way back to my dorm room that night. Although it was midnight, I didn't hesitate to call and text about a million people (sorry friends) to let them know! Although I did NOT tell my parents through a text. I told them to call me in the morning (which probably freaked them out because it was like 1:30 am) and told them the next day. 

Then I did the totally logical next step and took a dive into wedding planning. Less than 12 hours after I was engaged. Call me a crazed girl but I was damn excited. Plus, after getting the "have you picked a date?" question too many times to count (are you crazy people? less than 12 hours later, NO, we have not..) I realized that I better get my butt to planning. I knew I wanted a Fall wedding because hello, it's gorgeous out during that time and the weather usually behaves itself. Thankfully, M was pretty relaxed about that and didn't care a whole lot about the timing. Being the impatient excited girl that I am, I couldn't wait a long time to have the wedding. So, 11 months it was. 

Talk about putting the pressure and stress on myself!

If you ever think it's a smart idea to plan a wedding while in your first year of college, starting a new job, and you give yourself less than a year to plan, you better rethink that choice. Although I did a lot of planning right away, then let most of it go for about 3 months before planning anything else, it was still overload between my class schedule, work, and planning. Sorry M, family, and friends, guess that was a mistake I had to learn the hard way. There may or may not have been many instances throughout planning wear I shouted through tears "why the hell didn't we just go and elope?" Unless that's your plan from the beginning, you probably should think long and hard (while in a calm state of mind) about it because you'll probably be sad if you didn't get your dream wedding.

One huge tip I can give you is organize, organize, organize! This just barely inches out making sure you have a good support system to help you. I started a binder right away and it was so great to have all the stuff I needed organized into one place. Do not lose said binder, that will result in a full mental breakdown minor freakout until you find it. Also have a planner, preferably small, to carry around with you EVERYWHERE that is just for wedding related dates and notes. Having the binder is awesome but not practical to carry around with you all day long. Trust me, wedding thoughts will strike you at the most random times and you're going to want to remember those thoughts later.

What were your essentials during the planning process?

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  1. I love the dress. I always love people telling their stories and all. how their met their dream guy/gurl, the preparation in the wedding and everything else. it's always nice to read

  2. would love for you to check out my blog esp today's blog and the 2 days before. maybe Saturday and see what you think about that one. that's the one I got negative comments and emails on.

  3. Just found you via Alexa! If I had a dollar for everytime someone asked me "when's the date" within the first week of us being engaged I would be a beverly hills housewife. It was the worst!

  4. I had a binder that I was obsessive about... I still have it. It has so many wedding memories in it!

  5. I'm a new follower and I was so excited to read this post because I am getting married in August and we still have so much planning to do! I love reading other people's wedding stories and planning stories, it's a great way to get ideas. Looking forward to reading more.


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