Mar 29, 2013

I'm still a kid

So how did I spend my last day being a teenager?

Well I spent most of the afternoon playing with kids. Building towers, cutting out princess hats, and talking about juice boxes. Then we promptly headed outside to frolick in some mud puddles. I mean hey, they're practically the same height as me so why not act like I'm the same age?

Then after a short motorcycle ride I came home and decided I should get some things done. Followed by me immediately passing out on the couch instead. Wake up and decided Mac n Cheese and yogurt is officially the best supper ever. Start attempting to catch up on the 918 unread blog posts in bloglovin' but Grey's came on so that was the end of that.

Grey's gets over and I say it's finally time to clean. But I can't just clean, it's gotta be a full on dance party. Start cleaning until I find my Minnie ears and of course it's the perfect reason to wear them again. Run around playing with Gage until M gets home from work.

Crap! Forgot the cupcakes!

Hop in the car, fly to Hyvee. Thankfully they still had one container of gluten free cupcakes left. Of course I'm going to bring cupcakes to work with me, can't leave out my little GF buddy.

Come home and it's 11pm. Decide that's late enough and climb into bed. Stay up til midnight watching the Katie show and fall asleep.

So basically I'm still a little kid.. M asked if I feel old now but I honestly don't feel any different. Isn't that always how you feel? Today I feel all big hair, don't care!

Now, for one day can enter this:



  1. My favorite memory is this last birthday getting to being my daughter home from being born 3 days before!

  2. My favorite memory was my 21st birthday. I got my license and had a few drinks with friends.

  3. My favorite memory was when I had an 80's themed birthday party.

  4. By far my 21st! Well what I remember from it at least! hahaha

  5. Happy belated birthday!!! :)

    Gayle | Grace for Gayle

  6. Haha, it looks like you're a kid at heart too!



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