Mar 12, 2013

Get me on vacation..

Hello friends!

Today is my least favorite day of the week because of my schedule and I'm exhausted. Yet for some reason, I'm in a rather good mood today! Maybe it's because I get to leave all this snow (yes, it's currently snowing again) behind in a few days. Actually that's probably what it is. I have two more days to struggle through step it up, get my stuff done, and get outta dodge. To say my attention span is close to a zero would be..banana?

Kidding! I'm not a very funny person, I know. But honestly that's the level of attention I can give any one activity at a given time. The last week before break is pretty much hell to get through because you've given up already and teachers tend to pile on the homework and in class assignments so you stay all week. Boo.

In full procrastination mode last night I decided to head to Walmart The Black Hole at 8:45 because I wanted to dye my hair. Yep, I dye my own hair. A college newlywed has gotta do what she's gotta do. After the 45 minutes it took to clean the snow/ice off of the car, I headed to Target because it seemed like a good thing to do. Except I got there at 9:45 and they close at 10:00 which was no bueno. I looked around and decided to leave before I picked anything up otherwise I would have bought half the store. The I headed to TBH because I still needed hair dye and a few other things.

After spending half an hour trying to find the color I wanted to be stuck with during vacation photos, I got tired and just picked one. I also picked my normal color just in case this one went a little wacky and I needed a cover up job. I headed home and an hour later my hair was purple. Not really but it looked purple before I washed it out! M was a little freaked out by the shade of the dye. Although the color is only a little different (which I'm thankful for) I really like it! Maybe my birthday present can be getting it colored professionally (hint, hint hubby). The things I look forward to! I do want to find some solid extensions before I get my hair colored though, that way I can have it all dyed the same color.  I'm getting sick of this short hair business and I miss my long haired days in a sort-of-pathetic way. #girlproblems At least it all went to a good cause!

Today's post is brought to you by the rambling mind I possess. Sorry friends, that's all I've got today! Send some positive thoughts my way friends, I can't give up yet. Two more work shifts and 4 more classes. I can do this..I can do this..

Continuing the no-flow nature of this post, this is my dog's new trick. Let's wrap momma up and then take off running.. Yay for me..


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  1. I am so ready for vacation too! Hope the next few days fly by for you! :)


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