Feb 12, 2013

You and I have no right..

Do you ever feel like you're being judged? 

You start to think, "Oh, do I have something on my face?" "Is my zipper down?" "Is something stuck to my shoe?" Soon you realize that nothing is wrong, you're just being judged. Not a great feeling to have! 

Some days I'm just in a horrible mood and I start to get very judgemental. It's only in my head, but it's still horrible. I catch myself thinking bad thoughts about other people and then I get mad at myself for being that way. What gives me the right to judge how someone looks? What gives me the right to deem someones actions right or wrong? 

Absolutely nothing, that's what.

Yet day in and day out, we all judge people. We assume that our way of dressing, doing things, or treating people is the right way to do it. Everyone else must be wrong! Whether your actions are right or wrong, that's the way you do things. I'm sure not a single person would want someone judging his or her every move or action. No one knows your story. No one knows why you do what you do or what started it all. 

All of our actions have some sort of reason behind them. Whether it's habit or some underlying cause that you didn't realize was there, there is still a reason. Before you judge someone, stop and take a minute to see what that reason might be. I promise your view will soften, even in the slightest way. 

The other day I was judged for wearing a coat. I kid you not, I was within earshot when a girl looked directly at me, while telling her friends "why would you even wear a coat right now, it's like 45 degrees out?" Hello, it's still winter in Iowa. You may think it's perfectly warm out but I'm always cold so that's why I'm wearing a coat. But she didn't know my reason, so she judged me in a snap. I don't judge her choice of clothing even though it's definitely something I would never wear. If that's what she likes then she has every right to wear it.

Don't get me wrong, no matter how hard I try I will still have judgemental thoughts. However, if we all make even a small effort to stop being so judgemental then we'd be setting a great example for future generations.

"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping them up."
-Jesse Jackson



  1. I love this post. It's so sad how we are all often quick to judge others, without having any context for that judgment or right to do so. We're all equal and all human, and therefore must remember that about each other, too! Great post, girl :)

    And shoot, I wear a coat when it's 60 degrees out, because I'm always cold, so I guess judgy girl wouldn't like me very much!

  2. I love your thoughts on this matter. I think that so often we rush to try and put things into ur own frame of reference. When something doesn't fit, we immediately decide that it isn't right, or true. It's hard to keep from having those thoughts, but I don't understand why people can not leave them in their heads, instead of spilling the poison onto others!

  3. This post is great! I definitely have a tendency to do this in my head and I always feel bad about it. We all need to try a bit harder to stop that :)

  4. A great post! I just recently wrote about a similar thing! I wish it was something easy to turn off, but you're right, it's so easy to make snap judgements! The more aware I am of it - the better I am at preventing it. Heaven knows I hate being judged so I sure shouldn't do it.

  5. Girl, I wear a wool coat when it's 65 degrees. You midwesteners are made of stronger stuff.


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