Feb 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: the In-betweens

Choosing my wedding photos to share has been so hard because I'm so in love with them all. I haven't kept many of them to myself but I've had so many posts that I'm losing track of which ones I posted.

This is some of my favorites from between the ceremony and the reception. About an hour and a half period for us (not intentionally). Our guests headed to the reception immediately after to hang out and start eating. 

Receiving line, took much longer than expected but on the plus side we got to talk with every single guest who was there.

Makin' it official!

Our flowergirl was supposed to be covering her eyes and looking forward..she wanted to see what all the commotion was about!

She was seriously the cutest thing. While I was waiting for my ride to come around, she scooped my train up and said "here, I'll hold it for you!" She followed me around for at least 10 minutes holding it up while I mingled. Love her to death!

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