Feb 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: story of a naive freshman

So today I have a little story for you friends. 

The story of this:

That's right, today's post is brought to you by the story of our proposal.

You see, I had known it was coming for about 4 months. I just had no idea when or how it was going to happen. Being the excited girl I was, I told a few of my friends that he was going to propose. One day while I was on the phone with him, I was shoo-ed out of the room so these friends could hear all the details. *Okay, this is fun! Now some people know how it's happening and they think I'll love it.*

Then a few more friends found out. The next time he visited, I was shoo-ed out again so the story could be told. *Little irritating that I have to keep leaving, but still cool that more people think I'll love it.*

All of my friends on my floor find out.. Now every time he visits it seems like I get asked to leave so they can all talk about it (most likely an exaggeration but that's how it felt). *Annoyed. Now I'm the only one who doesn't know what's happening and I can't be in a room with everyone because even when M isn't here, they want to talk about it.*

We all talked about how they couldn't act weird even though they knew it was coming because I would know something was up. They sure fooled me! I talked to almost every one of them earlier in the day and not a single one gave it away. One friend was told she had to avoid me all day because she might drop the bomb. We talked but she never let anything slip!

It's homecoming day! Freshman year, all pumped up for the game. We get dressed and being college girls find it necessary to run down the halls and take pictures with everyone. Some people were a little quiet, I just figured it was early and they were tired (wrong). Once pictures are done, we make the trek over to the stadium and find our way all the way up to into the nose-bleeds. I had no intentions of getting up early enough to get semi-decent seats. We watch the game and are fairly entertained by all the drunk, belligerent college students. The game was pretty boring (I believe we lost) so we started taking more pictures.

Fully oblivious. They were freaking out. I've been told they kept looking at each other, mouthing how many hours were left. I'd been having a weird feeling all day, like something was going to happen. They had a point in the game where people could send messages and they would show up on the jumbo screen. *Hopes up* I watched that screen like a hawk thinking, well maybe this will be when it happens! Giant let down, no messages for me. 

Oh, how clueless I was..

After the game we went back and hung out for awhile. I wanted to go out because obviously, it's homecoming so what else are we supposed to do? Except we had these plans to go Campaniling and no one would let me cancel. "You guys, it's not a big deal. We can just go another day." Still no one would let me cancel.

Side story: Campaniling is a tradition at Iowa State. It's said that you aren't a true Iowa Stater until you kiss someone under the Campanile (clock tower) at midnight. The night before homecoming there is Mass Campaniling but we knew there would be a ridiculous amount of people and we didn't want to go then.

So we hang out, play some games. People were coming in and out of the room but it was not out of the ordinary so I didn't think twice about it. Finally my best friend, who promised to go with us, bailed because she was "tired." I was mad but I convinced another friend to go along and take pictures.

Right before we went to leave, M asked if I wanted to change clothes. We were both wearing sweats but I thought, no I'll be fine if we have pictures wearing sweats since that's what we're always in. He asked a few more times but I reassured him and we set out across campus. Fast forward a lot of random picture taking/time wasting and some very awkward campaniling. Yes, making out next to a ton of other people who are doing the same is in fact awkward. I decided I wanted to wait until everyone left for better pictures.

I had no idea how much better those pictures were about to get. About 15 minutes later everyone finally cleared out and we called my friend over who was going to take pictures. As she walked closer she was on the phone and she just hung up on the person. When I asked, she played it off "That's just how our friendship rolls." Not unusual for her, worked for me. Later I found out that she was on the phone with my other friends so it was fine.

We go back in, take our pictures. Then he starts talking all sweetly. Next thing I know, he's down on his knee and I'm shocked!! Then I look over to realize my roommate and my best friend who was "too tired" had shown up to see the whole thing! We heard lots of clapping and realized some other students had shown up in the process. My friends had been hiding in the bushes outside of the Campanile the entire time and I almost found them multiple times. 

Can't control myself, the awkwardness was overwhelming.

Nearly ruining the whole thing, my friends were hiding behind us.

Also, never ask a clearly drunk person to try and take your photo. This was the best of about 6 shots that this person took.

M knew how much my love for Iowa State meant to me so he planned a perfect proposal to incorporate a great tradition! If you're still here, reading, thank you! I know this was a long post but I wanted to share the whole story and it will help me remember now that it's all written down.



  1. those kind of stories a girl remembers from now til the time she's old and gray. and you end up telling your kids when the time comes. how exciting. and congrats

  2. OMMMMG I love everything about this!! And love that i'm not the only one who got engaged soo young! I will have to post mine sometime! Glad that we both found our true love at the beg. of college (did people doubt ya'll too? Because everyone couldn't believe that I agreed to marry someone at 19 - let alone someone I had only known for a month. Ha!)

  3. P.S. SOOOOO love that you have all of these pictures too!!!!!


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