Feb 26, 2013

things I want to teach my baby boy

Take a breather folks, this is no announcement!

In the past few days I feel like my baby fever has sort of subsided. I don't want to jinx it but I'm feeling content for the moment. However, I started thinking about things that I want to teach my little kiddos when they do come along. (Maybe it hasn't subsided as much as I want to believe..)

Let me just start this off by saying that as a full-on girly girl, I hope to have a baby girl first. This will probably be horrible on our bank account but it's just what I've always imagined. Yet the more I think about it, having a little boy would be just as exciting to me!

I'm going to flash back for a moment and say that I also wanted my own little pint-sized pup ever since I saw the Cheetah Girls movie. I also just assumed that I would get a girl puppy so I could be that crazy dog owner who puts bows in her fur and dresses her up in cute clothes. Cue eye rolling. Flash to present day and we now own a spastic feisty, manly little pup.

Back to baby talkin'.

It occurred to me today that just as there are things I want to teach my little girl, there are things I want to teach my little boy. There is one thing that sticks out above all else.

Treat every girl like a queen!

If you plan on taking a girl out on a date, you best bring her flowers. Doesn't have to be anything fancy but that extra step shows your sincerity. I guarantee if the rest of the date is a flop, at least you'll be the sweet boy who brought her flowers. Open her door, pull out her seat, be a true gentleman. I will teach you these things because they are so very important! (This is not an excuse to act however you want just because you brought her something though). The way to a girl's heart is to be a gentleman. I have not met one girl who wasn't happy with a guy who treated her this way. Continue to be a gentleman while you're dating and into marriage. It's something that should never stop!

If I don't succeed in teaching my boy anything except for this, I will still be one proud mama.

Weird post written by someone who doesn't have and is not expecting any children, over and out.



  1. So sweet:) you'll be a great mama! And serious -having two girls is a big damper on the bank account! Oops!

  2. Aww that's so sweet :)

    I'm a real girly person and I thought I'd want a girl first too! I'm having a boy. Believe me, they're just as big a drain on the bank account!!! lol



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