Feb 21, 2013

If you don't live in the North, you probably have never..

..felt the joy of your parents saying "Go back to bed, there's no school." Seeing your school's name scroll across the bottom of the screen was probably one of the highlights of my junior high/high school experience. A few years ago, it was the joy of waking up to a text message saying school closed. Now I wait for an email that class will be cancelled, knowing it isn't going to come.

At some point between right now and tomorrow night I'm wishing/hoping/begging for a snow day. My amount of time left to still have snow days is dwindling but this storm just might make it happen!

Many of you don't live in Iowa but I'll catch you up. It's going to snow. Also, super windy. Shocker, right? Well today the forecast calls for 6 to 9 inches with locally larger amounts. Sounds like I'm going to be hunkered down inside whenever possible! Except that I'm going to a concert tonight (which *hopefully* won't be cancelled) so I'll be standing outside for a little while until we get in the door. Many of the teachers at work are thinking we might have a snow day. Because they keep pushing back the start time, it will probably be tomorrow instead of today. 

Either way, I'll gladly accept it!

For those of you who have never had a snow day, you're missin' out! I bet you're saying "I'd rather not deal with the snow than have a snow day." Living in the Midwest, I don't mind the snow. It can occasionally ruin plans but if you absolutely have to get somewhere, it is possible. Generally I just take my snow day as a sign that I was supposed to stay home and relax.

So what do you do on a snow day? 

Total relaxation, my friends.

You can do whatever you please as long as it can be done from the warmth of your home. Let's be honest here, no one wants to step out in that cold. You may think it's a good idea but the second you step outside you will either turn around and decide it's not worth it OR complain incessantly and wonder why you thought it was a good idea. 

If you do choose to go outside, you will more than likely look like this:

or this:

I start out with ambitious goals. Like cleaning up the apartment. Doing some crafts, maybe a little baking. All those ideas pretty much go out the window I decide a nap sounds so much better. If I get anything accomplished, it's usually the baking! Snow days also involve a lot of Facebook stalking, Twitter creeping, blog reading, Pinning sprees, maybe some online shopping, and/or Netflix watching. 

There is no wrong way to spend your snow day, do with it as you please! Here's to hoping I'll get one out of this storm :)



  1. One day I had school get cancel led early because of a crazy wind storm. We have had school cancelled due to snow to but that is more because people never see snow in the desert and do not know how to drive in it....

  2. I cant count the number of school cancilations on one hand throughout my entire school career lol.

    have fun on your snow day!

  3. I know when i lived in the states i loved getting a snow day, doesn't happen as much here in england though, our public transport just keeps on going most of the time. used to love it when the kids got off school and i was off work due to a snow day, we used to just slob around watching movies and eating crap, something i wouldn't normally have done. I came by again from the ILMP blog hop then realised i had already followed you through it previously duhhh :) Not sure if you followed me back or not though???
    Angela x


  4. Haha I can totally relate to all of this. I spent much of my childhood in Montana. We had to stay outside for recess unless it was -20* or below. So. much.fun. Haha


  5. Being from Indiana, I loooooooovvveeed snow days! (and had them pretty regularly!)

    Where in Iowa do you live? My student teacher is from Iowa and went to Iowa State!!


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