Feb 1, 2013

Letter to My Former Single Self

This week I thought it would be fun to link-up for letters to my former single self. This weeks question is: What did you think about dating and marriage the year before you met "The One?" I'll have to cheat a little bit on this one because we met in middle school. I'll write this as the year before we started dating.

Dear youngin' skinny-minnie Mandy,

This year you discovered you are no longer the flat-chested, low self-confidence girl you thought you were. Although you've dealt with a lot of crap in relationships for being so young, amazing things will come to you in the near future. Your heart feels pretty broken still from the cheating debacle but when you finally meet that guy at the volleyball game don't hesitate to take the Mr. Freeze that he willingly hands over (especially since it's a green one.) 

You've never felt like you quite fit in and it always seems like the other girls are getting all the attention. There is a reason for this. Trust me when I say most of those guys treat them like crap and they're usually heartbroken within a few months. Although the extra attention you get may seem nice, just remember the important ones were around before you "developed." On a side note: enjoy wearing all those tank tops while  you can and stop trying to let your boobs hang out. Pretty soon none of those tank tops fit right on top and you'll find yourself uncomfortable showing what you show now. 

Next year that cheerleading uniform top will be a whole lot harder to put on.

You dream of being married young but you feel like it will never happen. When the boy from the volleyball game tracks down your number you should be flattered. You'll date him for about 6 months which seems like forever at the time and he chooses a college so he can live close to you. Don't worry that that really freaks you out, he means well. You start to notice the jealousy when you talk to your best guy friend and you have every right to be unhappy about that. Eventually it all starts to add up and although you feel like you're settling you feel like that's all you deserve. 

There will be a night when you go stay with Matt for a few days. Things will happen with his psycho girlfriend and the cops will get involved (you will always call her psycho, no worries.) You spend the whole drive home talking things out with Matt and you know that you just aren't happy. That night your best guy friend will be there for you and that's what sparks the events that lead to you being together.

Although it was hard to get out of the relationship you were in and you struggled with whether you made the right choice it is all worth it. The guy of your dreams, who's been by your side for a few years already, will show you exactly what it's like to have someone love and respect you. Those dreams for marriage will be more real than you know in the near future.

Head up girl, you have great things ahead of you!
-Married 19 year-old Mandy

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