Feb 16, 2013

Join Me for Snuggle Saturday

Hey everyone!

This Saturday I'm co-hosting the Snuggle Saturday link-up with Sarah, Natalie, and Nicole!
So here are my answers to this week's questions:

1. Describe your most memorable Valentines Day?
My most memorable Valentine's day is a two-way tie between our second Valentine's day and this year. Our second Valentine's day came at a time where we were struggling in our relationship (he was at college, I was stuck at home) so it was really meaningful. He came to my house with flowers, chocolate, and a teddy bear (that I'd been begging him for even though he said no). Then he took me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant! The place was practically deserted so we spent the whole time just focused on each other. We walked back outside to a very gentle snowfall that was absolutely beautiful! The whole night was very memorable.

This year was sort of a three day affair! Since it was our first V-day as married folk, we decided to do things a little differently. The night before Valentine's day we exchange all of our gifts except for one. The 13th was our "present day." Valentine's day was very relaxed, we spent the night hanging out and my brother came over for a few hours. We had supper, drank some wine, and played games all night. The last part of our celebration is yet to come. Tonight he's taking me "out" and the night is a surprise. Can't wait to see what that brings!

2. Describe your worst Valentines Day?
The worst Valentine's day that I can remember is the one where I broke up with my then-boyfriend two days before Valentine's day. Unplanned. I had already gotten him presents. He was supposed to be my date to a dance. Although I broke up with him, I still spent that day all sad and wallow-y. Oh, high school dating.

3. What's your ideal Valentines Date?
My ideal Valentine's date is one where we get to spend the whole time uninterrupted or without having to change our plans. A home cooked meal with something spontaneous like going dancing or some other couples activity. Any date that I don't have to plan and I get to spend it with my husband is ideal!

Now I'd love to read your responses, post away and then link up!

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Next week's theme: THE OSCAR'S
1.       Are you rooting for any film or actor/acress to win?

2.       Nominated or not – what was your favorite movie of 2012?

3.       Do you have a favorite best/worst dressed Oscar attendee from any year? 

4.       What would you wear to the Oscar’s??



  1. Mandy! Hi! :)
    Thanks for cohosting!
    I love your memorable Valentines Day :P
    It's always fun to see how everyone spends their Vday's or what traditions they come up with in terms of celebrating (gifts and dinner and such)

  2. 3 days of Valentine's day, love it!! :) Thanks for co-hosting and linking up with us!

  3. I love the 3 Day Valentine's! Coming by from Snuggle Saturday :)

  4. Sounds like you've been having a fun Valentines day celebration, hope you have fun tonight!

    New follower from the Weekend Blog Hop :)

  5. I love laid back nights! I think spending time just enjoying each other is always great!

  6. I love taking a holiday or birthday, etc. and making an event of it! Sounds like this Valentine's day was just that for you!


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