Feb 20, 2013

College Student, Seeking Advice

Good morning friends!

I survived yesterday! I only had one class instead of two and we canceled plans with my brother (he was exhausted too) so the day wasn't as jam packed as I thought it would be! I stayed in a pretty positive mood throughout the day and I really think it helped the day go by faster. The only downside to my day was not being able to eat. 
Like I didn't get to eat anything all day until snack time at 3:00 p.m. where a handful of cheeze-its and a slice of cheese were on the menu. I brought yogurt and a grilled chicken sandwich but class got out late so I didn't get a chance to eat them. I could have during naptime but it had been about 3 hours that they were out in the open so I was paranoid about food poisoning. Not sure how long is acceptable to leave things out in the open but I wasn't about to risk it when I had to finish out work and take a test.

I find this to be a problem in my life. Some days I get wrapped up in the things that I have to do, or I don't have enough time, or I just procrastinate (aka take a nap) and then it's too late to eat. 

That's not normal (so I've been told by many friends).

I know it's horrible for my metabolism, one semester of my dietitian major taught me that. However, I have a finicky stomach so I'd rather not eat than force myself. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I also can eat more than you would believe some days. It just all depends on how my stomach is feeling!

I'd like to change this though. Fit a quick lunch in on days that I'm super busy. So I need your help dear friends. 

If you bring your lunch to work, what do you bring it in? I don't have access to a fridge, but carrying a lunch bag around is not about to happen either. 
As much as I wanted one of these growing up, it's probably not acceptable to carry one around on campus. I would end up on People of ISU in a heartbeat..
I also don't generally have access to a microwave so most hot lunches are out of the question.

What do you bring for lunch that's quick and easy?



  1. sandwiches,definitely. PB&J is my go-to. Add an apple or a banana, some nuts or trail mix, and a sliced red pepper and you've got a nice lunch.
    I actually *do* eat stuff that I've left out all day - as long as it was in the fridge overnight, I think it's okay.

  2. I always eat a banana on the go in the morning just to get something in my stomach.


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