Feb 15, 2013

Age is just a number

Today I started thinking about my age. Not something that I tend to do a lot but when I stop to think about it I'm amazed at how far in life I've come in just 19 short years. I don't feel my age whatsoever. If I wasn't in college I'm quite certain I wouldn't even remember that I'm still a teenager! 

One thing that I'm especially proud of is finding my best friend who became my husband a little less than 6 months ago. I always wanted to be married young but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would happen! I definitely don't think my dad ever thought he would give away his baby girl so early. 

Both me and my daddy are bawling in this picture

One thing that I find hilarious is how presumptuous strangers are when they find out I'm married. I get one of two responses. "Oh, do you have any kids?/When are you having babies?" or "Oh, so you're graduating this year, right?" Neither of which is even close to being true! Although I would love to have little babies already, I want to provide for my family so I'm doing what's necessary first. So, I do not nor do I plan to have any babies soon. Second, I'm only a sophomore in college. Just because I'm married does not in any way mean that I'm going to graduate college. 

The best part is when my little friends at work ask me about being married. Mind you, these are two and three year olds for the most part, with the exception of one day a week where I work with three to five year olds. The stuff they come up with on a daily basis is just mind blowing, but especially when it comes to marriage and babies. They are very wedding and baby oriented because some of the teachers got married or had babies over the past year. 

Here's how one conversation during nap time went:

"Teacher Mandy, what's that ring?"
"That's my wedding ring."
"You're married? But, why?"
"Because I love my husband so I married him!"
"When you were little, did you ask your mommy if you could get married?"
"Do you have babies?"
"I do not."
"When are you going to have babies?"
"Some day when I'm done with college."
"Are they going to cut the baby out of your tummy?"
"Uhhh...I guess that could happen.."
"Are you going to cry when they cut the baby out of your tummy?"
"If that happens I probably will cry but I'll be happy."

This is just one of the many conversations we've had about this but they have never once said "You look so young" when talking about this.

I know I'm sort of breaking the stereotypes now a days. I didn't get married because I was pregnant. I'm married very young. I still can't wrap my head around how people assume so much! A lot of people are judgmental and give the impression that they think we're going to get divorced. Divorce has never and will never be an option for us. Just because I come from a crappy generation does not mean I don't have decent morals and values. One thing that I love about my generation is the acceptance that just because you're a certain age doesn't mean you can't do something. People who are my age or younger are changing the world every day.

Never assume you or someone else is too young to accomplish anything! Age is really just a number. I know some young people who act like their old and can't accomplish anything. One of my grandmas is in her upper 70's and she is still one of the most active people I know. It's all in how you act and the mindset you take on life!



  1. I'm glad I came here and read this post. very interesting none the less. And kids say the darndest things. but are so cute too. :D ive been stressing about my age. i'm gonna be 30 in 10 mths and i'm not married nor do i have kids and i dont see it happening before i turn 30 like i wanted it to. just wasnt God's plan i guess. plus some folks arent so lucky and meet their soul mate at age 19. i'm jealous LOL

  2. I also got married at 19,didn't have babies for over three years, and got so sick of people asking when i was going to have a baby in the first year, it drove me nuts! Everyone is different and ready for marriage, babies etc at different ages. My son is 29 and my daughter 28 and they both are just thinking they are ready for marriage now, they laughed when they were 19 that i was married at their age, but they were very different to me, just different strokes for different folks hey.
    I came by via the blog hop and now follow you on GFC, would be great if you could visit my blog and see if you like it enough to follow too.
    Angela x

  3. Well said, Mandy!
    Most girls don't find the one at a young age anymore, but that doesn't mean it can't happen!
    You're right, age is nothing but a number! So glad you found your man when you did :)

  4. That is so cute that the little 2 and 3 years old ask the same questions as adults do. I get similar questions too. When did you get married? Because I got married about 6 months ago as well, on September 1st. I agree that age is truly just a number. I think people who are older than me sometimes act younger (usually annoying), and some who are younger that act way older.

  5. This is so cute! I love the things that little ones say... they have the best perspective! And what a beautiful moment captured of you and your daddy!

  6. Just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely LOVE this post! Me and my hubby got engaged when I was 19 and he was 20 after only knowing each other for a month. We didn't get married until we were 23, but the whole time we were engaged we got all those questions about WHY we were engaged. Everyone assumed I was pregnant as well and just couldn't fathom WHY I wanted to be engaged at 19! A lot of my friends didn't understand either (we were obviously in two VERY different places in our lives.) But, i'm SO glad that we stuck through everything because I couldn't be happier now!

    Newest follower :)


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