Jan 3, 2013

Thursday, Thursday

My mood is sort of I could could care less today so I felt that it was fitting to do an "It's OK" Thursday post.

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK that...
..I have to move back to school a week earlier than everyone else. I'm excited to start my new job and am SO ready to be back out our own place.

..school starts in a little over a week. I was really lazy this past semester and I'm excited for a new chance to work harder.

..I haven't posted a single post I planned out for this week. I'm just going with whatever I come up with!

..I didn't accomplish any of the baking I wanted to get done over break. I got a FREE Kitchen Aid mixer from my MIL so now it's going to be ten times easier!

..I've been staring at my "about me" page all day. Eventually I will get it done..

..I've only tried one of my Influenster Holiday Vox Box products. I'll probably try the rest this weekend.

..I've spent the past 3 weeks with my family and my in-laws, it was needed. However, I need my space now!

..I'm a chicken about going to the dentist. It's not okay that I will probably have to go this next month. HELP!

..I'm still in my pj's. Don't judge, I'm savoring my last few days of Christmas break!

What are you OK with today?

xoxo, Mandy


  1. Eep I'm back at uni first day today, I'm only in my second term so I worked my butt off last term (you know when it's all fresh and exciting) so I'm sure this term I'll fizz out at some point ! (I don't know anyone who doesn't dislike the dentist so don't sweat it. Any one who enjoys going to a place where there is a possibility of there being a drill put in your mouth is crazy!)


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