Jan 4, 2013

The One and Only

So today may not be Wedding Wednesday but I have a "vendor" I want to rave about! I say it quoted because she's much more than that. We came to her just to talk photography but quickly learned she would be much more. She's amazing and I'm proud to call her my friend!

Pictures were the second most important part of the wedding to me. Obviously the most important part was getting married to my best friend, but photos beat out the dress! I love photography and I also realize that as time goes on the photos may be the only thing I still have as keepsakes. So it was decided that a big chunk of our budget would go towards the photos and we would skimp where we had to if necessary.

I searched what felt like a billion local photographers and narrowed it down to 3 right away. I knew it was going to be expensive but I didn't want to sign my life away aka spend the entire budget on one thing. One place was over $6000 for the same thing that was under $2000 at another place. I know some people think all of the prices are ridiculous but it's their job and I wanted quality!

After the price inquiry emails, I wanted to just get a feel for how the final three were. One came off down right rude so that was straight out the window. Another was very nice. Fonda was awesome! She was so down to earth and she just had spunk! I think I felt more "right" about picking her as a photographer than I did about choosing my dress! And trust me, I was in love with my dress when I bought it!

Since choosing Fonda (who was about 9 months preggo when we first started talking) she always made me feel like I was important and made time to talk even outside her normal hours. She worked with me to plan an engagement shoot that we would love and will always be timeless!

To say I was a little obsessed was an understatement, I was constantly sending pictures of my ideas. She never got annoyed and that's something that takes talent with a girl who had gotten a hold of Pinterest!

On the big day she was more than a photographer to me and at some points she really helped me keep my cool! She got the shots she knew I would love and still helped me out (even helped me get my dress on!).

Not only does she do amazing engagement shoots and weddings, she takes the cutest baby photos I've ever seen! She's the one who took ALL of the photos in my wedding posts and I could never possibly give her enough credit for all that she did to help keep me sane before the wedding!

Head on over to her website and give her some love! (We're the first two pictures on the slideshow) Her Facebook page, too!

Fonda Photography, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE!

I was in no way compensated for this post, I just want to show my love for an amazing photographer!


p.s. PLEASE check out this post from Kaitlyn from Wifessionals and say a prayer for this family and Asher!

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