Jan 10, 2013

That one time..I went mud-wrestling

It's raining outside. In January. Some of you might be thinking yeah, so what? Well, the rain is melting the snow we currently have piled up everywhere making every step you take shoe-soaking. Not a fan when I have to take Gage out to pee every hour and my boots are still wet when I put them back on.

This reminds me of finals week in December of 2011. I nearly got myself and a few friends written up for, you guessed it, mud-wrestling. Being the amazingly studious college student that I am, it was the night before all 3 (the only 3) finals I had for that semester and I was thinking of everything possible to avoid studying. I was distracting all my friends from their studying because who wants to be the only one to do badly on tests?

Not me, that's who!

We noticed that it was not only raining in the middle of December, but downright pouring. I'm not sure who's idea it was (probably mine because I really didn't want to study) but a few of the girls decided it would be fun to run around and puddle hop outside our dorm. It was pretty warm out and none of us wanted to get sweatpants dirty so we all put on clothes that were dark/we didn't care about and headed out into the rain. 

We're not 5 anymore (sadly!) so puddle hopping got boring after a few minutes and we started shoving each other around. Very lady-like, we are. Giggles and screams filled the dark night. This turned into full-on mud wrestling pretty quickly because the center lawn between all the buildings had just been ripped up/re-seeded. 

Sorry we're not sorry ISU landscaping. You probably hated us the next day but we had a blast!

Of course everyone walking/running by thought we were crazy but we were just blowing off a little steam. We came back inside and I volunteered to grab towels for everyone instead of all of us making a giant mess in the halls. As I was running back out to hand out the towels a *choice name* girl from our floor started yelling at me saying we were being too loud. Bitch please. (23/7 quiet hours were in effect) 

Quiet hours DO NOT apply to outside of the building.

The second we stepped in the building everyone was quiet but she complained enough that our CA (floor advisor) came out to yell at us. We went back and forth but I prevailed! 

Of course we had to take photos because we'll probably never do something that stupid again, plus it was effing cold by the time we got done.

For your viewing pleasure:

She was letting people in the building..this happened about 10 times while we were taking pictures.

And that's the story of that one time I almost got written up for mud-wrestling.


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