Jan 7, 2013

Spring Break, anyone?

Hey friends!

Betcha didn't know I'm going somewhere awesome for spring break this year! Now ya do. Too bad it's not a week later, I could have spent my birthday on a trip! It's sort of a mini honeymoon because we haven't had one yet and have no plans/money saved for one. We're working on it but we want to go somewhere we will NEVER have the chance to go to again so that takes much planning!

So..now that you know about my first hubby&wife family vacay, and it's only 10 weeks away, I decided I should probably start all the pre-vacation planning. Aka stress out, rip through my closet, decide I have nothing to wear, decide to work out then probably never do it, wait til the last minute then stress about not being packed yet, pack in a rush.. It could go on forever!

I'm a horrendous over-packer. It's a girl thing but seriously I think of all the what-ifs and then I never wear half the clothes that I bring with me! I've gotten better at making all the clothes I want to bring fit into the bag that I wanna take but let's be honest I'm going to Florida for the first time ever, during spring break, there is NO way everything I want to bring will fit.

So friends, the plan is we're flying straight into Orlando on Saturday. Spending a half day, two full days, and another half day at Disney. Driving to Fort Myers spending a few days there. Driving to Marco Island for a few days. Flying back to Minneapolis on Sunday. Any suggestions you have of things to see in these areas are welcome! We're going with the people we worked for this summer and their kids, but neither of us are old enough to drive the rental so we're stuck in those areas.

I'm going to work on finding some pieces that are super versatile so I can pack less and have max outfits! I would pack my bags full but let's be honest, I want to bring back stuff! I'm probably going to have to invest in a few key pieces but I'm honestly clueless on how to pack for Florida. I'm used to Iowa weather and that's about it. Do I need to bring jackets and jeans or can I just plan on shorts? HELP!

Also, because we're going straight to Disney after the airport and not back to the hotel I have to pack a fairly well-equipped carry on. I have to bring my camera and probably a change of clothes but what else will I need? I'm a serious newb when it comes to traveling as I've never flown or gone anywhere major for vacation (except Colorado but that was in the winter).

Please bloggy friends, give me all your packing/Florida/carry on/vacay in general advice!

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  1. What month are you going? March? April?
    You really won't need jeans or sweatshirts, but I usually take two pairs of jeans/pants and 2 sweatshirts "just in case" but rarely use them. When you're s far south, it really does not cool off that much in the evenings either.
    If I'm planning a trip somewhere I've never been, I check accuweather.com because after you enter the place you're going, you can click the months ahead and it will tell you the average temperatures! Also, remember it's humid, so it will be warmer! Then check wikipedia.org, and search the city or cities for their climate. It will usually tell you average rainfall for months of the year and you can then decide if you need a raincoat type jacket or not!
    I've traveled all over the US and Caribbean so let me know if you have any questions or need any travel help!

  2. Flying can be tricky: here's some hints

    for your carry on (you get one carry on and one personal item aka, purse, pillow, camera bag)
    Also we prefer back packs over all other carry ons, easy to get through the airport, handy when you need to hurry to catch a flight, and all ages can manage a back pack

    *pack at least 1 - 2 days worth of extra outfits in case your luggage is lost right back down to the unmentionables again
    * 1 swimsuit, fun coverup, sundress ect...
    *if you wear tennis shoes, then pack a pair of sandles
    *pack any liquid items in a quart size zip lock baggie, no more than 3 oz per container, aka, perfume, shampoo, deodorant, chapstick, drinks,
    *chewing gum for the plane ride to help prevent your ears from popping on take off and landing
    wear your sensible shoes, (tennis shoes) be prepared to take them off at check in point
    *Do not wear any blingy belts, jewelry, metal piercings in a location not easily seen with the naked eye.
    *if you have any metal plates, or foreign objects in you from medical procedures, you may want a release from your medical professional stating what you have such as hip replacement or metal plate in your head.


    *books for the long flight
    *or electronic devices but listen when you can or can not have them on or off, usually off at take off and landing.
    *anything of value should always be with you in your carry on, purses, money, credit cards, cameras, jewelry, prescription drugs, and personal necessity items that you must have within 24 -48 hours of landing.

    for your check in luggage

    *The remainder of your clothing
    *any liquid items larger than 3 oz (Shampoo, Conditioner, hair spray, deodorant, perfume, ect...) for the safety of the other items put liquids in large ziploc bags
    *do not lock your luggage until after you have gone through the check in process
    rather than locking our luggage we use the cable zip ties you can get at the hard ware store. this keeps your luggage from opening up but doesn't necessarily raise a red flag that you are hiding something. FYI, if you lock your luggage, they will get in it, they will search it, they will not care if they damage your suitcase, you will be mad.
    *try to travel light enough to allow a little space for your return gifts and souvenirs

    What to wear,

    we dress in layers, for flying out and back again, usually wear jeans or pants so that we have our heaviest items on, however sometimes when you land this can be kind of warms so a t shirt is always good to have on with the jeans, and wear your light jacket and hooded sweatshirt

    While there, be sure to stay hydrated, lots of water, lots of water, lots of water, lots of healthy food in between heavy meals, and try the new cuisine and area delicacies that are offered to you.

    I always start watching the weather for the area we are traveling too about a month before we travel, for the most part FL has been in the upper 70's and lower 80's for the past week

    Well here are some items I consider great advice but above all else ...KEEP AN OPEN MIND, NO ONE SHOULD RETURN FROM VACATION THINKING I WISH WE WOULD HAVE DONE THIS OR TRIED THAT. Don't be afraid to ask to do something or see something, whats the worst that could happen, you'd be told no? You will go over budget so plan for about a $200 cushion.

    Love ya both and really can't wait for our amazing experience in FL and to watch your reaction to everything fun that you will experience.


  3. As for what to pack... Which by the way I am now typing this a second time cuz A) We love you guys so much and B) we want you to have an amazing time.

    I have traveled to FL in March and felt this was the essentials for traveling, keeping in mind that we will have access to washer and dryer at some point of our trip

    * 1 pair of jeans
    * 1-2 pair of yoga pants
    * 1 light jacket
    * 1 hooded sweatshirt
    * 6-8 fun shirts, t shirts, camis, tank tops, halter tops
    * 6-8 pair of shorts/capris/skirts
    * 1-2 dress outfits
    * fun pj's and sensible pj's
    * 5-8 pair of socks
    * dress clothes for hubby can include khakis and a fun light shirt
    *dress shoes can weigh a lot particularily for a man, so kinda sorta dressy enclosed sandals may be a safe alternative or select your evening dining locations to be a little more low scale to avoid a dress code.
    * 1-2 sensible shoes
    * 2-3 pair of sandals, at least 1 pair that can go in the ocean to avoid sting ray and jelly fish, we will teach you how to do the stingray shuffle
    * if you wear contacts 1-2 back up pairs and your glasses as well as cases, solutions, and essentials for eye care
    *prescription drugs
    *jewelry (but nothing valuable other than your wedding ring, hate to have them stolen)
    * camera 1 good one and possible some disposable for the kids and dad so you get a different perspective and hopefully mom in the pictures, mom tend to be behind the camera and rarely in front of it.
    * credit card (call your credit card company and let them know you are traveling)
    *books and magazines for reading while you are beach bunnying
    * a handy small fold able bag to use on the beach
    * 2-3 pair of sunglasses
    * sun screen/sun tan lotion

    and here is the what to pack portion, I may not have it all but this will give you a good start.


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