Jan 25, 2013

Permed Bangs and Chubby Cheeks

Have you ever used those websites that take two photos and show you what your baby will look like? The babies always turn out a little weird but it's interesting to think about. I have no doubt that my babies will have the most pinchable cheeks around.

This is me growing up! There are a ton more photos but these are just the ones I already had on my computer. Some day I will drag out more to show you that I used to be cute!

Full on chipmunk cheeked baby..I bet people loved to pinch my cheeks!
My brother was the apple tree and I was the apple...my mom was a creative lady back in the day

Camping with my brother and cousin. We went camping almost every weekend when it was warm, it was one of my favorite things to do growing up!

I always pulled my shirt over my head. 

Who knows!

And clearly my brother was just awesome growing up..

Oh I'm sure my brother will just love me when he sees this. I'm sure that karma thing will get me back on this one.

Totally worth it though!

We were classy on Halloween, folks!

Playing in the sandbox on a family camping trip. Can't believe both these cousins are in high school now and fully taller than me by at least half a foot!

The most fun I've ever had painting anything. Splattering the walls with paint is as fun as you think it would be. 

I also had stylin' clothes back then and an unhealthy obsession with bandanas.

Do you have any photos from growing up that instantly put you back in time?



  1. Hahaha I totally put makeup on my brother and took his picture too It must be a brother rite of passage lol Great old photos :)

    "Stalking" your page from Peacoats and Plaid, now following you :)

  2. Hahaha! These were pretty amazing. I absolutely LOVE looking at old movies/pictures. It's just like being in a time machine. I especially love doing it with my husband.. we get some pretty good laughs! =)

  3. Matt loved seeing these pictures. lol


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