Jan 29, 2013

Patience is a Virtue..That I Don't Possess

Good morning all!

Some random, totally unrelated to the post photos from my weekend.

Wall decor project I started..

Mason jars are my fave..add glitter and I'm in heaven

Skyping my little friends from home..miss them tons

I can finally get my hair into a baby top knot and that's something to truly celebrate!

On to more important topics..

Basically all social media updates late at night can be attributed to some sort of emotional outburst (unless you just really like to write late at night). This post was written at about 1:30 a.m. because I'm frustrated and I also know I may not have a chance to write a post tomorrow because Tuesdays are my crappy days.

My one word for the 365 days this year was inspired. I'm still working on that, just struggling a little. But lately I've been feeling like maybe my word should have been patience. Something I've never been good at but I really need to get it under control right about now. Lately my frustrations and down right lack of patience has been causing me unneeded and unwanted stress. When I'm stressed my stomach takes the brunt of it (that's how I got a stomach ulcer in high school) and that's pretty disruptive to my day.

I'm working very hard to have more patience for the things I cannot change. Some days that list grows mighty high. I'm taking it day by day and not getting too upset if I lose my cool. 

Frustrations include:

- remembering Gage is still a puppy that needs training to remember my underwear and M's socks are not chew toys
He is a little over 6 months old and every time I think we have him broken of this bad habit he starts it up again. I guarantee he's eaten at least 10 pairs of my underwear over the last few months. I try to make sure all of my clothing is picked up but any time I slip he's sure to figure it out before I do. It's not like he's shredding the cheap stuff either.. He always loves to dine on M's socks.

- knowing that I can't force/change my husband to do things he doesn't want to do. 
I try not to talk badly of my husband to anyone but sometimes it's easier said than done when I'm upset with him. One thing I've quickly come to realize (but usually don't remember) is that he does things on his own terms. I can't force him to try something just because I saw some other couple do it. I can't make him care about the cleanliness of the apartment if he doesn't want to. Sometimes I need to remember if it's stressing me out and not getting done when I'd like it to then I need to take charge and just do it myself. He's his own person and so am I. We're still adjusting to life with one another, it's a process for sure!

-saving responsibly for my Canon T3i instead of using the money available to me right this moment
This has been a recent struggle that consumes my thoughts. Photography has been on my mind for at least four years steadily and I'm anxious to really get started. I know the camera isn't what makes the photos but I want to give myself the best opportunity for great photos. Altough money has been super tight since the wedding, we are finally getting back on our feet. Now that I've saved about half of the money, my want is overtaking my common sense. I know I could cover the rest of the cost with the money in our account but I also know we have bills to pay and groceries to buy. Temptation is a tricky, tricky deal.

-becoming a parent
This may be a broken record but I'm frustrated. I know what's right and I know what I want. They definitely aren't the same thing. End of story.

Some people just really have it coming to them and I have to have patience. I firmly believe in karma! If you're a horrible person, sooner or later it will catch up to you. Some peoples' sooner could come any day now. Kidding..sort of.

- knowing the return on things I work hard on will come some day
When I put 120% into something I get my feelings hurt when I don't see the results immediately. I know that return will come some day and the wait will make it all the more sweeter. Just working on the recognition of that!

Random post, over and out.


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  1. I feel you on the becoming a parent thing! I know that we need to wait, but I don't want to!


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