Jan 8, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Bebes

I love my job! I work at a lab development school (a daycare/preschool used for student teaching of sorts and research observation) on campus. Yesterday I basically started a new job and I was nervous as hell but I really love working with kids so its worth it. I get to work with 12 two and three year olds for over 15 hours a week on top of having 16 credit hours. I have to love kids or I would go crazy!

Yesterday one little boy begged me not to go "pleaaaaase don't leave me! Whyyyy do you have to go?" he said. It melted my heart! They honestly say the most precious things on a daily basis and that fully makes up for all the crap they pull! They also say some of the funniest things that leave me scratching my head saying where did that come from? My day is also filled with tons of hugs and kisses and "you're my friend" conversations which makes my heart smile! I get my daily fill of little ones and then send them on their merry way when their parents show up, score! (double score some days!)

Although I don't know what career path I want to take, working here makes me realize I would be sad to not work with kids daily! I seem to have a tolerance for their shenanigans far greater than a lot of people I know. Definitely something necessary when working with kids. Seeing the different stages of development is so intriguing. My favorite part of this is to see a three year old who is hitting normal milestones but a two year old surpasses the three year old. I had a 2 1/2 year old count to 50 today and match the numbers up too! Excuse me what? These kids are like geniuses! Pretty sure I was like in 2nd grade before I knew that! 

Kidding! But I definitely couldn't count that high at the age of two!

There sure are "interesting" parts of the job though. Nap time is theee worst. For one, can I have all the naps they don't want to take? And two, why is it that kids can be falling asleep standing up but the second they lay down they're wide awake? Today a little girl got about two inches from my face as I was telling her to lay down and basically spit on me. 

NOT. okay.

Also funny but not really because I have to clean it up is when a potty-training kid stands there quietly then says I just pee-pee'd. Cue puddle on the floor. I have to laugh sometimes or I would cry haha. They definitely like to test your patience and they try to rule the world. Days NEVER go exactly as planned! There are bad, bad, bad days and the kids were pretty sweet days. Never perfect days.

Case in point: this was the best picture we got. (this was me as a sophomore in high school, so not the same kids from work)

I do get plenty of cardio, though! Chasing kids around a classroom is not as easy as it looks. Those little tikes  are sneakily quick on their feet. Piggy back rides and tag also make for good exercise! Today I really shot myself in the foot because we were playing out in the snow and I volunteered to give a sled ride to a couple of them. Giggles ensued but after the 15th time of "go faster, please!" and "more, more!" Teacher Mandy decided she had to stop or she might lose her lunch. At least I don't feel guilty about not hitting the gym anymore because work and working out are combined!

I've rambled on enough for tonight and fully wasted enough time on Blogger. Time to do my bloodborne pathogens and mandatory reporting trainings for this job I love. Whoop whoop..

Teacher Mandy out.


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