Jan 31, 2013

Name Change Process

After the church bells stop ringing, the ink on the paper has dried and you've finally gotten all your presents opened, it's time to start thinking about changing your name (if you're going to). Some people choose to change their name before they are married. I waited until after the wedding because it would automatically be changed when we filed our marriage certificate. That was the easy part!

Since the school year had already started by the time our wedding came around, things got a little bit more complicated. I had to change my name through the school then inform my teachers that my name changed. I also had to inform my job (on campus) that my name had changed so my payroll information was right. Still not too hard to do. I was happy that I got to take a new picture for my I.D. too because it showed my short hair and I wouldn't keep getting funny looks. When I went to go get my new license it wasn't too hard to change, although choosing the get it done on election day probably wasn't smart.

Slowly I keep discovering places where my name hasn't been changed. Each time it's a little more frustrating to get it changed because after 4 months I've gotten used to signing and saying my new name. I also don't have any form of I.D. any more that has my maiden name so that always makes it difficult to get things changed. I still have to get a new social security card because you have to have your name changed on basically everything else just to get a new card.

I never realized how many times I would have to fill out forms to change my name. If you're getting married, consider finding a place that you can fill out a form and it will help you change your name across the board. I didn't put too much thought into it but now I wish I would have because it has taken so long to get everything changed. The only thing that made me nervous about filling out those forms is that I felt like I was giving ALL of my personal info out to a place that I'd never heard of. That's probably why I didn't give a second thought to it.

The weirdest part of the whole process was still using my maiden name for almost two months after the wedding. We couldn't even begin to change my name on anything until we received our copy of the marriage license. That took especially long because our pastor forgot to file the marriage license right after the wedding. Luckily even though it was more than two weeks past the allowed date, they still accepted it. Dodged a bullet on that one!

What problems did you run into while changing your name?

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  1. Shoot - I still haven't changed mine! I am totally lost on what to do. Beginning with social security. I am a bad wife!!

  2. I actually just pinned this link: https://www.missnowmrs.com

    It's supposed to be easier since you just fill out 1 form and it automatically completes the rest of the forms and you can just print them out! I will be trying this out in a few weeks, I know there is a small fee but I think it may just be worth it!


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