Jan 18, 2013

Married Couples Still Do It

Date night that is.. Get your mind out of the gutter, y'all.

This post is a tad bit delayed because I'm still in the trenches battling this cold/flu that hit me the morning after date night. At least it's coming now.

Did you read this post from Kaitlyn at Wifessionals? Well, she challenged all of us to get up and have date night. Life can get pretty mundane and routine when you're married but you can't forget to have date night and enjoy the time you have with your hubby. It doesn't even have to take weeks to plan or a ton of money, check out her date and take a look at mine. Both took minimal planning (same day) and not much money.

I planned my date night because I wanted to do something special for my husband. He had to stay back home for a week while I came back to school because we both had to work. 

We haven't spent a full week apart in about a year and a half so that was a long time to wait.

Before you go rolling your eyes, the first 2 1/2 years of our relationship were spent long distance so now any chunk of time apart seems long to me!

I read Kaitlyn's post and was inspired to plan something for M.

Quick Pinterest visit to find a few acceptable recipes then off to Walmart to buy what I needed. Of course I didn't think about the fact that everyone and their mom (literally) would be out because it was the weekend everyone moved back to school.

Mental face-palm.

Rush through shopping and get back home to realize M is less than an hour away and I still have to make all the food and clean. Instant panic attack! I throw together some baked ziti, pickle roll-ups, ooey-gooey rolls (originally resurrection rolls but the name was too creepy for date night) then clean up as fast as possible.

We had a candle light dinner, dance party, froyo, and then watched movies together.

It. Was. Bliss!





What happens when you still have to take your dog to the bathroom and it's freezing out..

The Setup:

Re-using some leftover wedding favors :)

And that was our date night!


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