Jan 19, 2013

Last Single Night

It's a Saturday night and I'm sitting at home. I may be lame but at least I'm warm, it's a windy city out there! Sometimes going on is a hit or miss situation. One of my favorite nights I've had out here at school was my bachelorette party.

I was so reluctant to have my last single night out the weekend before my wedding because I thought I would be too stressed out to have a good time. To my surprise, it was the perfect distraction and I had a blast!

My ladies and my mom all got together at a local salon to get manicures and pedicures. Never had either done before and they were amazing! I need to invest in a pedicure more often :) Manicures not so much, it felt good but I love painting my nails so I think I would miss it if I got them done all the time.

Then we went out for lunch and it was amazing! I even got a free dessert shooter because my mom decided to mention it was my bachelorette party (Thanks Mom!) and it was delicious!

We headed back and I opened up gifts! After which we decided to watch Bridesmaids because it just seemed fully appropriate :) My mom decided to start a nerf gun fight which then involved her shooting all the girls. Too funny to watch their surprised reactions!

A few of my girls had to leave but we gained two more before we headed out for the night! Here's the tidbits of "appropriate" photos...

re-enacting the proposal

Being serenaded by Bull of Arc who have some seriously amazing voices! I was almost in tears, it was beautiful!

Horribly awkward, frat boy "stripper" that made me SO uncomfortable but we had a good laugh (clearly, I'm dying in the picture!)
End of the night!

Before and After:


(After is seen in above picture)

One of the best nights with my girls! Couldn't have had a better night de-stressing a week before the wedding (three days before we went home).

What did you do for your bachelorette party?


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  1. Haha!! So awesome!! Loved all the pictures!! Thanks for sharing! =)


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