Jan 31, 2013

{Insert Creative Thursday Post Title}

Today has gotten off to quite the interesting start. I have another post but I feel the need to link up for It's OK Thursdays after the way my morning went!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
..that I woke up and couldn't get my eyes to focus. It's already improved so hopefully it will be back to normal soon.

..that the bus I was supposed to get on at 7:30 came at 7:25 so it drove away as I walked up. I only had to stand for 15 minutes in 4 degree with + windchill instead of the usual half hour between buses.

..that a stranger fully leaned on me on the bus. Sometimes people just don't understand common. It's not okay that because of said uncomfortable situation my I.D. fell out of my pocket and I didn't know it.

..that I lost my I.D. on the bus after having just gotten it two months ago. Thanks CyRide office for being so nice, I'm still waiting on a positive confirmation but you found one matching my description so I'm confident I'll get it back.

..that the bank account we closed two weeks ago still hasn't been closed and we got charged an $8 fee for inactivity. Because of it not closing, my direct deposit from work hasn't switched over and my paycheck went into the account that was no longer supposed to be there. I called the bank and everything was fixed!

..that I didn't feel like doing my hair this morning because I'm 100% not a morning person. I don't have to work today and my hair is FINALLY long enough to put into a top knot again. Thank you college environment for being so accepting of this hairstyle!

..that I lost two followers. Although it makes me sad, I like having a fairly accurate idea of how many people are reading my posts.

..that I've had a major baking need lately even though we're trying to be more healthy. I will bake smaller batches and it gives me an excuse to actually make the recipes I've pinned on Pinterest. I smell blog posts..

..that despite having a morning that should have put me in a bad mood, I'm still really upbeat! I've been having a bad few weeks but that's helped me realize I really don't have the time or energy to sweat the small stuff.

..that I just had a bunch of people staring at me as I wrote this post. Campus tours are my favorite and I remember being in that same situation not too long ago (almost two years ago, wow)

What are you OK with on this Thursday?


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