Jan 17, 2013

In Case You Needed a Smile Today

Gooood morning! Actually not really, I'm sitting in class at 8 a.m. and I wouldn't really consider that a good morning.

Moving on..

Most of these photos I don't even feel awkward or embarrassed about. Maybe I should? These are just who I am! I was in a little "contest" with my friends a few months ago about who could dig up the worst pictures of each other from Facebook. One even said they couldn't really find any on me. Just in case this ever happens again, here ya go friends!

This one isn't even bad. But it does show how bad my crooked smile is.. Also this is the only "acceptable" photo of the one time I went blonde.

Full on duct-tape dress. Casual day at school
Just hula-hooping in the middle of the day.. Oh homecoming week, how I miss you

Funny story about these glasses. One of the girls on the squad brought them and as a joke I decided to wear them out while I was cheering. They were prescription strength and I couldn't see a whole lot. I took them off before we did stunts but I sure got a lot of funny looks from the crowd (or so I was told, I couldn't see any of it).
New years eve, no shoes and a dress. Yep, I was a smart one!
This is only awkward because I didn't even struggle to peddle this bike.. Shorty for life!
My eyes are always closed.
I don't have a clue what I was doing here. Your guess is as good as mine..probably wrong.

Thank you frat houses for not having any acceptable toilets. I would have rather pee'd in a urinal than the available toilets, that's how bad it was.
  Bachelorette party, some of the girls were missing.

And now that I've probably embarrassed a lot of my friends I will finish this post. 

Don't worry though, I have at least one more post of pictures like these and a family edition in my drafts so watchout! 



  1. I started to laugh and then realized that there's a crap ton of embarrasing photos of me on the interwebs. YIKES!

    PS - I totally had that belt circa 2006 (the one in the photo where you are jumping).

  2. Hahahah brave girl peeing in a urinal. Reminds me of my crazy sorority days!


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