Jan 28, 2013

Cara Box Reveal!

Hello friends!

It's time for something that I've been so excited for! It's Cara Box Reveal time :) 
This is my first time linking up and I loved it! Kaitlyn at Wifessionals is amazing for starting this and I hope you will get involved soon.

You get matched up with two partners, the one who is sending a box to you and the one you're sending a box to. There is an overall theme to the box, it must contain at least 5 items and an encouraging letter to your partner. The best part besides getting a fun package? You don't even have to have a blog to get involved! This month's theme was resolutions. I thought this was going to be really tough because some of our resolutions aren't something others can help us with. However, it was a fun challenge to put a box together that could really help someone with their goals.

I sent a box to Cheltee so you'll have to check her out to see what I sent! My other partner was Morgan from Modern Mommyhood and we emailed back and forth all month. I loved getting to hear about her daughter Mabel and see her gorgeous wedding photos! I was so happy to get to know such a sweet, upbeat woman who took the time out of her crazy busy schedule to get to know me. 

I was ecstatic when I got my Cara box in the mail!

All of the Cara Box contents..

Items 1-3 are Luna bars and some adorable nail polish. The Luna bars were for my resolution of getting back in shape. I had never had these before and they are amaaaaazing to say the least. I will definitely have to invest in more of these and they make a great before or after workout snack. The nail polish was so sweet because she thought it would be perfect for my trip to Florida. I will be giving myself a pretty in pink manicure before I leave!

The next item was a fantastic card that I can use for my resolution of keeping up with friends. How cute is that card!? This is perfect because I've gotten really into writing notes to friends lately. Also, this helps a small, growing business and that's always a plus!

The last item was a gorgeous camera strap cover! This is handmade by Morgan and she sells them in her Etsy shop. Hello, best gift ever! This one is for my goal of getting a dslr/finding my way in my passion. I can say that seeing this strap cover makes me absolutely excited to get my Canon T3i and go crazy!

Thank you Morgan for the best piece of mail I've gotten in a long time!! I hope all of you get involved in the Cara Box exchange because I would love to get to know you.



  1. I signed up for the next month's Cara box. I am so excited to get involved!!

  2. I signed up for next month's box too! I can't wait :)

  3. What a great way to meet someone new. I think I will sign up for next month. :)

    Modern Momma On a Mission

  4. I love that strap cover! I just bought the canon t4i love it!


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