Jan 21, 2013

Blast From the Past

Hello lovelies! 

After sending out my Cara Box to Cheltee at Something About You and Me I remembered how much I love writing letters. M and I used to write letters to each other while we were dating because it was long distance for quite a long time. I couldn't wait for the chance to write another one.

Maybe it's just me but between all the emails, posts, texts, status updates, and all other electronic messages daily, seeing a little letter in my mailbox brings me right back to childhood.

Moving to college, getting mail (actual things of excitement, not junk) is one of the best things ever. We used to run to the mail boxes and get so excited when there was actually something there. I have the same enthusiasm/excitement every time I open the mailbox now.

One problem.

We never get mail. We will occasionally get a card from M's grandma or bills but even those don't come very often. Not enough to make me excited. So every time I open the little door I die a little inside  I get pretty sad. 

I've been debating writing this because I'm feeling a little like no one reads my posts lately and I don't want to have zero response to this. However, my love for snail mail makes me want to post it anyway.

If you love snail mail and getting/writing letters to people, shoot me an email. I would LOVE to "meet" other people on a more personal level that you can't always get through the blog. Even if it's just short bunches of encouragement, something you may want me to pray for, or something random because you love writing letters too.

Pen-pal me, maybe?


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  1. I love letters too!! That's why I'm sending out Valentine's Day cards to my followers :) Head on over to my blog to sign up for yours!! Happy Monday, girl!


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