Dec 9, 2012

Week of the Living Dead

Hello bloggy friends! It's been awhile since I posted but hopefully I can get back to it. "Dead week" turned into finals week for me so I basically had no life for the past week. I have one more day of finals (tomorrow) and then I'm officially on Christmas break. That's one thing I will miss after I graduate!

A little catching up on my week. Study. Study. Coffee. Study. Back to back tests. Coffee. Study. I fully enjoyed my weekend free of studying or really caring about anything. Friday night after I had recovered from sleep deprivation/flu-like symptoms, M and I took Gage out to central campus to go for a walk.We enjoyed the simpleness of walking around without a care in the world. We just bought Gage a retractable leash which I love now because when he takes off to chase his furry friends [bunnies] I don't get yanked along with him. He also donned his adorable Christmas sweater to show off his cuteness. There was ooo-ing and awww-ing by all. After our walk I came back and sort of had a glitter explosion. I made the cards I sent out yesterday for the Christmas card swap and I'm so happy I chose to instead of buying some. I cannot wait to see what I get in return. M wasn't happy with the glitter everywhere but I loved it! Once I was in full crafting mode I decided to craft a few other things.

Last night we went on a double date with one of my best friends. The plan was to hang out and play games for a bit, then go to the movies. We played a racing game on the playstation and a round of BS before heading out. Just before reading I took Gage outside to go to the bathroom and to my surprise it was snowing! I'm not talking blizzard style, just gentle giant snowflakes coming down. I was ecstatic! I've been waiting/wanting/begging for it to snow. Too bad it melted after a few hours. Still resulted in a mini snow fight after the movie.

Today was spent hanging out with M and Gage doing nothing in general. It's the best way to get my mind relaxed and ready for the last day of tests. I had originally planned on doing more baking but snuggling won out in the end. I'm so ready for a month of nothingness!

I have a few special posts in mind over the next week that I'm excited about to stay tuned!

RIP squeaker bear.
Ms. Katie with Gage
Saddest thing to see...they sat like this the whole time..
Dagger Candy Cane
I was just trying to study but how can you when he makes this face?

My best friend during finals!

Christmas Crafting

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xoxo Mandy


  1. hey there!! i hope you start blogging more, glad I found ya! new follower from the GFC link up ;) follow back? :)

    1. thank you :) Can't wait to check things out :)

  2. Damn it. I am out of coffee. And you just rubbed it in my face that I don't have coffee. Ugh.

    And your post title is serious false advertisement. I thought you were gonna ramble about zombies and what not. Boo.


    1. Hehe we've accumulated so many containers of coffee I'm not sure I'll ever run out! I wish I was cool enough to talk about zombies, that would be way more exciting than finals!

  3. Good luck on your finals!! Coffee is essential... I remember drinking a pot a day during finals week when I was in college. I'm a new follower from the GFC Collective. Hope you had a wonderful Monday!!

    1. Thank you! I finished my last one Monday night so I'm ready to go home at any minute! I never drank coffee until about a month ago. I found grasshoppers and fell in love, now I'm drinking coffee practically black! Thanks for following along!


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