Dec 13, 2012

Wedding Thursday: The Boys

Wedding Wednesday posts have been some of my favorite posts to read on other blogs. I've been slacking on mine so I thought it would be good to post one. I meant to get to it before we left for home last night but things got crazy during packing. So now it's a wedding Thursday post.

Most girls involved in a wedding love all the goings-on that come with the territory. The boys however, usually not so much. They just go where they're supposed to, listen to orders, and try to cause trouble have fun somewhere in there. The groomsmen in our wedding party were great! They entertained M but didn't cause too much trouble. I'd like to think it was because my brother was there, but he was probably causing trouble too.

I was a little nervous about how M would be feeling on the big day because he stayed with two of the groomsmen after rehearsal and they were planning on getting a bit rowdy. Although a little sleep deprived, I think they did pretty well. Once we met up they were a source of entertainment and stress relief! We couldn't have had a better group of guys by our side that day.

xoxo, Mandy

(Thanks Fonda Photography!)

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