Dec 26, 2012

Post Overload and Embarrassing Pictures

So I've been majorly slacking on the posts. I got pretty caught up in the holidays and I lost my laptop cord for awhile so I couldn't post. But.. I'm baaaaaack!

I'm going to have multiple posts today because if I don't do them today I'll forget to post them or I won't remember what I really wanted to say about them.

Just to start off my posts with some laughs, check out this embarrassing picture I found of myself today while looking through Facebook pictures.

Thank you frat houses for not having a place to go to the bathroom..

Now that I've given you an embarrassing picture, I can get on with my other posts. Maybe I'll post an awkward picture of myself every week just because everyone likes to see them. Maybe I won't. We will see!

We had a downright blizzard last Wednesday-Thursday which stranded us at my mom and dad's for two days. Welcome. To. Iowa. I'm talking complete whiteout conditions. The world could have ended and we wouldn't have known. Eventually we ventured out because we had Christmas Saturday in Des Moines. We counted 40 cars in the ditch in about an hour's time including multiple jack-knifed semis and flipped over cars. It was a little scary.

We got back to our apartment only to realize 50 degrees was too low to have the thermostat set while we are gone. I couldn't feel my toes for a few hours.

Saturday we ventured to Des Moines where we counted 43 cars in the ditch in about a half hour distance. That was after the tow ban had been lifted and they pulled cars out already. Even more scary. We spent the rest of the night with M's family celebrating and playing cards.

Sunday we spent even more time driving to one of my family Christmases. Too much driving for a two day period but I finally got to see my puppy again so I was happy. 

Christmas eve was spent at Mom and Dad's wrapping presents before we headed off to church. Remember when I said I cry at just about everything? Yep. Cue tears during the candle light singing of Silent Night. Good thing my whole family wasn't around or I would have gotten picked on for that one.

Christmas day we spent eating ridiculous amounts of food, opening presents, and picking on each other. Gage came away with the most presents out of all of us. Spoiled brat. His present from "Grandma and Grandpa" was bigger than mine. He should be in heaven today.

Then Dad and my brother had to try out their new toys so we shuffled out into the frigid cold to watch. After about 15 minutes of listening to guns go off I was done. I headed back inside to bake my favorite bars. 

I know what I want for Christmas next year. Kitchen-Aide mixer please, hubby!

Well there was my truly boring recap of Christmas! Hope you're day was filled with overstuffed bellies and lots of  laughter. 

Merry Christmas from our house to yours!

xoxo, Mandy

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