Dec 20, 2012

Just Hand Me Some Kleenex..

Today I officially decided I'm a crier. I wasn't always such a crier, that I can remember, just in the last few years it started. Who knows why I am, I just am.

I cry when I'm stressed out. I cry when something good happens to people. I cry when I feel proud of someone. I cry when I think about how much I want kids. I cry when I think about how lucky I am to have all the good things in my life. Sometimes I cry for just absolutely no reason at all.

This is probably what I look like every time it happens.
You get the point, I just cry about everything. Funny thing about that is, a lot of times I don't cry when I thought I would. Example: when I got engaged I pictured myself saying yes with tears in my eyes. Not quite how it happened. I actually didn't start crying until I started calling people to let them know. I'd like to think it's because that's when it finally sunk in but who knows why. I think M thought I wasn't happy about it because I didn't cry. I reassured him that he did everything perfectly!

Some times it seriously gets out of hand. I'll watch a youtube video that someone posted on Facebook and end up in tears. Not a video that's generally sad, just a random video. I have a weird sense of pride in people I've never met before and will never meet. Some times I catch myself crying and I think "What the hell am I doing this for?" 

One thing I know is that when I have kids some day, they can be embarrassed by the fact that I'm always crying. I hear when you have kids of your own you get super emotional. If that's the case I'm pretty screwed. Unless it's one of those weird things where I don't cry like I think I will.

Am I the only one who is like this? Please tell me I'm not alone!

Also I just wanted to say that I don't believe the world is ending tomorrow. I think all of this is just as blown out of proportion just like every other time. We don't have any knowledge of when the world is ending, that's up to God. It seems like we need some sort of wake up call to make us realize what we have. I hope when everyone wakes up tomorrow they have a new sense of appreciation for this day and every day after. Each day is not a right but a gift. I hope we all start to look at it that way! I'm so glad for everything I've been given and I hope to have an even greater appreciation in the future.

xoxo Mandy

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  1. You definitely are not the only one! I cry at the drop of a hat. Youtube videos are the WORST--I get caught up in videos of people announcing pregnancy, and sob.

    Also like you, for as emotional as I am, I didn't cry during my engagement. However, about 6 weeks before our wedding, I was so overcome with emotion I cried every single day.

    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!


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