Dec 26, 2012

In Need of Help Bloggy Friends

So I met this totally cool Florida girl my first week of college. I'd never met anyone from Florida so I was immediately intrigued. She became a great friend to me and even though she switched schools I still love her to death.

During our many late night talks she told me about a life-changing experience for her. It was called Outward Bound. You may not have heard of it (I hadn't) but I will let her give you a quick recap. She talks about it here on her website.

The school is in danger of closing because of a lack of funding. This was a huge part of making her the amazing girl she is today and I want to help her in any way that I can. I'm asking for your help bloggy friends.

If you could donate anything, even just a dollar to help keep this amazing place open I will be forever grateful to you! My friend would be heartbroken if this place closed so this is a favor to us both!

My friend at Outward Bound Mazama

Think about it and spread the word!

Thanks everyone,
xoxo Mandy

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  1. Mandy you are such a sweet heart! Thank you so much for getting the word out. The fundraiser ends on New Years!
    I adore you right back Mandy Hanson!


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