Dec 17, 2012


I've been having a hard time coming up with words since Friday. I'm still in shock that such innocent people lost their lives. I've been taking a deep look at what's important in my life and that's why there has been an absence of posts. Tomorrow I'll be participating in a Blogger Day of Silence {learn more here.} and I will only be posting the button.

However, this is a post I've been wanting to do for awhile. I have been growing my hair out since I was a freshman in high school (about 5 1/2 years) because I wanted to have long hair for my wedding. About two weeks after the wedding I was ready to chop it all off for something new! I donated my hair to Locks of Love when I was in elementary school and I wanted to do it again. This time I got to donate 15 1/2 inches to some beautiful young kids who really needed it! If you haven't gotten a chance to learn about Locks of Love, check it out.

I'm a pretty big daddy's girl and Daddy likes long hair so I was feeling a little rebellious when I cut my hair. The first time I donated it he wasn't aware I was going to, end result was a very upset dad. He definitely wasn't happy about it again this time but the benefits of donating it to charity outweighed his disappointment. Here are a few pictures from when I got it cut and how it looks now a few months later.

xoxo Mandy

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