Nov 14, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #2

There is a little bit of time left on this busy Wednesday so I can still write this post. Hooray!

My wedding plans consumed a little over 10 months of my life and it was only two months ago so I'm not quite sick of talking about it yet! If you're sick of hearing about my wedding or you don't want to read about weddings, don't read my Wednesday posts for the next few weeks!

Today is dedicated to the getting ready portion of our big day. Oh how crazy and hectic it was! I thought I had added plenty of extra time to our schedule to allow for a relaxed day considering we were having an early evening ceremony. So not enough time! Sorry to all of my bridesmaids, groomsman, family, and friends, I was naive. 

I arrived along with the first few bridesmaids at the hair salon at 9 a.m. which I would have considered plenty early up until that day. I had gotten plenty of sleep so I was ready to dive in head first. Within the next hour most of my girls, my flower girl, and my mom had arrived. The shots from the salon my friend took for me (Thanks Emily Brimeyer!)



At 11:15 a.m. I was supposed to start getting my hair done. Between hair and makeup we were supposed to be out of there by 12:30 p.m. so we had enough time to eat something quickly before getting dressed. 1:10 p.m. I'm finally headed back to get ready with my last few girls, starving and a little frazzled. Show up smiling as my amazing photographer greets me and I begin to realize all eyes are going to be on me. Get a little more frazzled when I realize no one has picked up our food yet. 

There was tons of chatter filling the little cabin we were getting ready so my mind was too distracted to be nervous. The food finally shows up and I check to make sure some got sent over to the boys who were getting ready just down the road. I helped my flower girl/goddaughter/cousin get her tutu dress and cowgirl boots on and then send her outside to play. The last few bridesmaids get shooed out so I can get my dress on with the help of my mom and my personal attendant. (These shots were taken by our amazing photographer Fonda of Fonda Photography! Thanks Fonda!)

So far so good, only a few minor crying incidents meaning no ruined makeup.

Slip on my dress and forget how long it takes to do up all the tiny little buttons on the back. Once again my superhero photographer steps in and helps out with my dress so we don't lose even more time! Whip off my flip flops and start slipping on my sparkly pink wedges.

(Zebra bracelet was one I gave to all my girls to wear for the wedding, silver bracelet was a gift from one of my maids of honor with two bible verses she picked out for me and our wedding date engraved on it)

A few quick words, tears, and one long embrace with my mom before I give the final okay for my photog to head outside. 

I'm ready for my first looks with my bridesmaids and then my daddy.

xoxo Mandy

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